Three Reasons Why Super Bowl LVI May Attract the Largest Hispanic Audience and Why Should You Care


While the push for greater diversity and inclusion within the NFL continues to be a hot topic, the audience that will tune in to Super Bowl LVI on February 13, 2022, will likely be the most diverse in years. Hispanic NFL fans have grown exponentially over the past decade, and there are a few reasons why this year’s Big Game has a stronger potential to attract even more Hispanic fans!

REASON # 1 – New Broadcast Home… En Español!
The game will air not only on NBC but also on Telemundo (also owned by NBCUniversal), the first-ever Spanish-language national broadcast network to air the Super Bowl. This translates into expanded reach for many fans tuning in en español.

REASON # 2 Big Hispanic Fandom
The Rams are one of the NFL teams with the highest percentages of Hispanic fans. Compared to the St. Louis Rams 2015 season, Rams fans today are 7.5x more likely to be of Hispanic origin.

REASON # 3 – Role Models for Hispanic Audiences
The Cincinnati Bengals also have a proud and loyal base of Hispanic fans (19%), as the team enjoys a long history of fostering Hispanic superstars and role models such as Max Montoya and Anthony Muñoz. Anthony Muñoz is the 2nd Mexican-American ever inducted into the “NFL Hall of Fame,” and Max Montoya is believed to be the greatest guard in the history of the Cincinnati Bengals.

So Why Should Marketers Care?

In 2021, viewers and trade industry alike criticized the lack of diversity and inclusion in many Super Bowl ads, both in terms of the on-screen talent, as well as the behind-the-scenes process. This year more than ever, our eyes will be focused on how brands advertise during commercial breaks and viewers will get to see if their calls for more diverse representation in the media have been heard or not. 

With audiences being more diverse, savvy, and demanding, it is imperative for marketers to lead communications with proper representation and continue those efforts beyond the Super Bowl.

Is your brand ready for the Big Game?


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