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Bad Bunny and James Corden singing Ariana Grande's "Break Free" is the duo we never knew we needed! This epic musical moment proves it doesn't take much more than a cool tune to break language and culture barriers.
#BadBunny #ArianaGrande #CarpoolKaraoke
Macy's latest campaign features TikTok's main character energy!🌟By tapping into the app's trendsetting power, the department store engages with a younger audience and stays ahead of the curve. Brands that follow Macy's lead and drive real results.
Check out the world’s first AI art director, Alex Irving! Using ChatGPT and Midjourney AI tools, 22Squared developed an impressive portfolio, attracting interest from job recruiters. AI tools could revolutionize the creative industry!
​​ https://t.co/NclBF1bX32
Get inspired by 'Flamin' Hot,' the true story of Richard Montanez. Known as the 'godfather of Hispanic marketing,' he rose from a Frito-Lay janitor to a high-level executive. This film premiering at SXSW is a rags-to-riches tale directed by Eva Longoria!
Fernando Machado, a legendary marketer, leaves Activision Blizzard for NotCo. He aims to boost NotCo through new CPG and retail partnerships. Discover his compelling reasons for pursuing innovation in the fast-growing plant-based food market.
The metaverse offers brands a unique opportunity to innovate and expand their reach into consumers' daily lives. Aeropostale has embraced this trend, partnering with MetaversePlus to launch a four-part activation series.
#captureculture #Metaverse
Hola, @drinkolipop! We have a culturally relevant and innovative idea that we can't wait to share with you. Let's chat and bring this concept to life together!
Acculturation is harmful to marketing strategy. Instead of oversimplifying identity, brands should focus on cultural participation to anticipate media consumption. Let's recognize the complexity in communities and avoid harmful terminology.
Happy International Women's Day 🙌 !

Today, and every day, let's celebrate the incredible contributions and achievements of women around the world.

A special shoutout to our Capturadas who inspire, teach and make our team better.
#captureculture #IWD2023 #WomenEmpowerment https://t.co/QJCwuxlOfS
capturagroup photo
Maybelline is introducing May, their first-ever digital avatar for their new mascara launch. May will assist with future campaigns and offer the brand more control in an unpredictable space. Let's see how this innovative marketing strategy unfolds.
Influencer marketing is evolving towards a more collaborative approach between brands and creators, where influencers offer creative direction and strategic insights. Read more to learn how your brand can leverage this trend in your advertising.
300+ companies, including Nike, IBM, and Airbnb, have pledged to hire and engage more Hispanics through the Hispanic Promise 2.0. With Latinos' growing population and purchasing power, diverse representation in corporate America is essential.
"Beyond," Nike's latest Jordan Brand campaign, tells the story of a young female basketball player's journey. With deep sensibility and insight, this ad is a love letter to youth- an invitation to soar beyond fear, doubt, and those who've come before!
Social media's race to incorporate generative AI is heating up! Snapchat and Meta have both launched new AI capabilities. Is your brand ready to leverage the emerging potential of AI-powered capabilities?🤔
Get ready to TikTok on the go with Mercedes-Benz! Keeping up with trends and catering to its customers’ evolving lifestyles, the brand is bringing TikTok and a branded Google Maps navigation system to their vehicles later this year.
Silk's Nextmilk brings new life to the iconic milk mustache campaign with celebrity offspring. To stand out in a crowded market, Nextmilk had to make a splash among the next generation of milk drinkers. Check out the original ads for a Flashback Friday!
Learn seven reasons why @SieteFoods is winning! Check out our blog, and let's chat today.

Marketers, it's time to move from DEI pledges to action. Prioritize authenticity, alignment, accessibility, and accountability to increase diverse media representation in advertising budgets for long-term growth.
Stay on top of the latest advertising trends! This year’s Super Bowl ads focused on snacks, with food and beverage brands dominating social media (including TikTok-the next big thing in marketing). Let us help your brand snack its way to social media fame! https://t.co/8qAJacar0A
Have you heard about the new lemon-lime-flavored prebiotic sodas? Catering to consumers seeking a healthier alternative to traditional soda, this innovative option features low sugar and gut health support. Learn about their marketing & product design!