Hispanic Digital Marketing Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods


Culturally relevant, digital-first approach drove 90,000 incremental retail visitors.

Captura Group partnered with La Vaquita to develop an insight-driven, culturally relevant campaign that tapped into the La Vaquita brand’s rich heritage to drive awareness and incremental in-store visitation. La Vaquita has been a household name for authentic Mexican Cheese and dairy products in Texas since 1971. The brand was facing increased competition and turned to Captura Group to return the brand to growth.

Captura Group assessed the market landscape and determined that the largest opportunity was with a sub-segment of the Hispanic market, Spanish-preferring Hispanic women who have a strong connection to their Hispanic heritage and culture and preserve it by preparing authentic meals at home. Leveraging these insights, Captura Group developed the creative idea “Rico en Sabor. Rico en Tradición.” (Rich in flavor. Rich in Tradition) which is rooted in the rich heritage of Hispanic culinary traditions, while highlighting the superior taste and texture of La Vaquita Queso Fresco.

Creative Examples

To effectively reach the Hispanic target consumer at the right place and right time, Captura Group partnered with S4M, the drive-to-store platform to deliver a mobile campaign that leveraged engaging ad units to convert impressions to in-store visitors. Captura Group and S4M coupled demographic, location, and online behavior with S4M’s Dynamic Catchment Area tool to target Spanish-preferring Hispanic women located within a 15-minute drive time of key La Vaquita retail partners. Ad units were served in brand-safe environments through premium Hispanic publishers that aligned with the target audience’s interests and online preferences.

Case Study

The Hispanic digital campaign was highly effective in reinforcing brand awareness, driving incremental foot traffic to key retailers, and drove a positive return on investment. The campaign:

  • Garnered over 90,000 incremental in-store visits across La Vaquita retailers
  • Generated an efficient $1.30 Cost Per Visit 
  • Drove a 72% uplift in visitation compared to organic foot traffic

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