5 Takeaways from the 2020 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference.


Without a doubt, 2020 has been the most challenging year in recent history. The effects of the pandemic, the social unrest, and the political tension have put to test our resilience, empathy, ability to adapt, our mental and physical health, and our financial security. In this light, companies are being asked to step up and play a more active role in the necessary changes we need to make our economy and society better for all. Action is demanded by consumers for brands to stand up for what is right, and for the markets they serve.

During the 2020 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, these issues were tackled head-on by the most prominent voices in our industry. While this year the conference was adapted to be virtual, it was successful in engaging its audience with enticing topics, top-notch keynote speakers, and thoughtful panel discussions.

As ANA AIMM members and a certified minority and woman-owned business, we took the opportunity to participate in this year’s conference. We share our 5 key takeaways from the discussions, in the hope that they inspire you to take action.

1. Multicultural Marketing: “A force for good and a force for growth.”

This year’s keynote address from ANA Chair Marc Pritchard, “A force of good, and a force for growth.” was a theme that carried across the two-day conference. The message established and reinforced that representation in advertising is not only the right thing to do, but it will also bring sustained business growth. A multicultural majority is on the horizon. Diverse audiences are inviting brands to understand and engage them to earn their loyalty. Reflective representation throughout the supply chain brings sustainable value to our industry. A full-funnel investment will bring returns in greater creativity & innovation, authentic connections, and wealth creation that builds purchasing power in brands’ markets. 

2. Culture as a Strategy

With 40% of the U.S. identifying as multicultural, a “bolted-on” diversity campaign is noticed by consumers, and poorly reflected in returns. Translated, “racially ambiguous”, and inauthentic promotions have no place in this multicultural nation. Companies can build diversity into the strategic framework of their advertising to strengthen message resonance. ANA AIMM’s Cultural Insights Impact Measure (CIIM)™ tool allows brands to evaluate the effectiveness of cultural relevance in ads. Proper execution of diverse initiatives has the potential to increase purchasing intent 3x. Major companies, including Kellogg’s (Disclosure: Captura Group Client), are already using CIIM™ as a tool to measure cultural impact, and use multicultural advertising partners to bring cultural expertise to their marketing strategy.

 3. “Llegar para quedarse, y ganar.” 

CMO Alicia Enciso’s motto, “Come to stay, and win.” helped Nestle successfully activate the Hispanic market for their brands with a commitment to a sustained connection with the audience. Applying cultural insights to brands across their portfolio was fundamental for product relevancy and sustainable growth. Long-term gains will only come if the commitment to winning translates into consistent investing across time. Building market share with diverse consumers takes more than a lone initiative.

4. #SeeAll of Cultural Identities

The nation’s melting pot celebrates all the unique flavors and spices that make our country strong and beautiful. Brands can celebrate this too, but with an understanding that all of us are defined by more than one identity. AIMM co-founder Lisette Arsuaga shared their Emmy’s ad #SeeAll. The initiative pushed industry members to See All of each person’s identity and recognize their perspectives and experiences. Businesses should approach customers with a deeper level of understanding of their cultural nuances and intersectional identities, as each layer of awareness and inclusion unlocks more market potential. Recognize the motivations behind each segment to implement a strategy for the full spectrum of consumers. 

5. Foundational Diversity, Be About It

Consumers are aware and critical of hollow support. They are seeking brands with community engagement rooted in their company. Reflecting your market through your employees and suppliers will help to discover your brand’s rightful purpose and ownable place within the diverse markets you serve. Multiple speakers spoke to diversifying the pipeline by investing in talent and partners within the audience. This allows an authentic brand voice in the space. Consumers are holding companies accountable for representation and authenticity at their foundation. 

Is your company looking to unlock business growth through diverse audience connections? 

Captura Group is a Hispanic & Digital-first full-service agency that inspires brands to discover and embrace their rightful purpose and ownable place within the diverse markets they serve. Reach out to sales@capturagroup.com to take the next step in your brand’s multicultural journey.

Captura Group | Established 2001 | Certified Minority & Women-Owned Business.

Molly is the marketing manager at Captura Group. An advocate for multicultural and inclusive marketing, Molly finds opportunities for Hispanic market growth, and partners brands with Captura Group's services to drive business acceleration.

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