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How Financial Services Brands are Unlocking the Power of Culture, Innovation, and Social Responsibility to Connect with Consumers

The financial industry is constantly evolving, and companies that strive to be ahead of the competition are turning to the power of culture and innovation in their marketing initiatives. By doing so, financial services companies are able to reach and create a deeper connection with consumers. 

Innovative companies understand that in today’s culture, consumers care deeply about social responsibility. For this post, we wanted to highlight and applaud brands that lean into culture, innovation, and social responsibility to engage consumers.

TD Bank Addresses Climate Change

Climate change is a key concern for the majority of Americans and TD Bank tapped into this insight with their 2022 TD Ready Challenge campaign which addressed the issue of climate change and its impact on vulnerable communities. The challenge invited non-profit organizations to submit innovative solutions to help prepare for and mitigate the effects of climate change with the top 10 solutions receiving $1 million in grants to implement their plans. The TD Ready Challenge not only showcases TD Bank’s commitment to addressing a pressing social issue but also highlights the bank’s innovative approach to problem-solving and its support for sustainable and equitable initiatives. The launch of this challenge allowed TD Bank to connect with consumers who care about the environment and social responsibility, while also showcasing its commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

JP Morgan Chase Supports Technology and Diversity

JP Morgan Chase’s Tech for Social Good program provides funding and resources to help non-profit organizations “lift up communities around the world through the power of people and technology.” 

The program has three primary goals and associated strategies to bring it to life:

  1. Innovate for the social sector – Apply resources and technology skills to create sustainable solutions for nonprofit organizations. 
  2. Build the workforce of the future – Create new, alternative pathways for technology careers while building a diverse and inclusive workforce. 
  3. Develop skills through social good – Establish a culture of continuous learning and development while giving back to the community.

The program aims to build the workforce of the future, with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Through this initiative, JP Morgan Chase appeals to consumers who connect with the vision of the program.

Citi Bank Invests in Financial Equality for Women

Citi Bank’s Women & Wealth Campaign is another example of a financial services company that has incorporated culture and innovation into its marketing strategy. The campaign honed in on the cultural insight that women are looking for access to resources, tools, and information to help them build wealth and make informed financial decisions. Through this initiative, Citi Bank aims to educate women about the importance of financial literacy and investment education, and help them become financially independent. This initiative not only aligns with Citi Bank’s commitment to social responsibility but also appeals to an attractive market segment for them: female consumers. By offering women the opportunity to learn about personal finance and invest in their future, Citi Bank is making a significant impact on the financial well-being of women and engaging with existing and future customers.

By embracing innovation and aligning with the values and concerns of consumers, financial services brands can create impactful and memorable initiatives that drive positive change and promote growth. These initiatives not only showcase financial services’ commitment to actionable social responsibility through innovation, but they also appeal to consumers looking for financial services that align with their values and help address the world’s most pressing problems.

Ready to take your own marketing efforts to the forefront of culture and innovation? Find out how we can partner to help your brand connect deeply and authentically with consumers and achieve sustainable growth. 

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