A Cereal That Hispanics have Been Wishing For


Culture and innovation are key ingredients for food brands looking to connect with consumers and drive growth in an increasingly competitive packaged foods market. Three Wishes cereal has brilliantly mixed these two ingredients together with their limited edition horchata-flavored tiger nut cereal. Not only does the flavor resonate culturally with Hispanics, it also provides a healthier alternative to traditional cereals. What’s more, Three Wishes distributed the horchata-flavored cereal in an innovative partnership with Sprouts that created a sense of scarcity while reaching a critical mass of Hispanic consumers.

High-Growth Opportunity     

Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to purchase and consume cereal on a consistent basis according to Packaged Facts. This is due in large part to the fact that Hispanics are more likely to have kids at home. These factors make them ideal targets for any cereal brand looking to grow in an otherwise declining category. 

Cultural Relevance 

Horchata is a beloved beverage in many parts of Latin America and Spain that brings back memories of childhood, so there is no doubt that an horchata-flavored cereal would be well-received by many Hispanic consumers. The familiarity of the flavor profile creates an immediate connection between consumers and the product, while also providing a unique twist on a classic breakfast item. The infusion of cultural relevance into the product itself makes Three Wishes horchata cereal stand out from other products on the shelf. 

Better-For-You Ingredients 

In addition to its cultural appeal, Three Wishes Horchata cereal boasts numerous health benefits over traditional cereals. It contains 10 grams of protein per serving—twice as much as leading brands—as well as fewer sugars (just 4 grams) and no added preservatives or gluten ingredients. This is particularly salient for Hispanics because they are more likely than any other ethnic group to suffer from obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.   As a result, Hispanics are likely willing to pay more for Three Wishes: an 8.6 oz box costs around $7, compared to leading cereals that cost about half.

Accessibility and Scarcity

Three Wishes employed an innovative sales and marketing approach to getting the new horchata-flavored SKU on shelf by partnering exclusively with Sprouts via a limited-time launch. This strategy put the product in Sprouts stores that have a footprint in high-Hispanic density markets, while also creating a sense of scarcity that stimulated demand and word of mouth.

It’s clear that Three Wishes has tapped into something deliciously special with their horchata flavored cereal—it combines cultural relevance with healthier ingredients in a way that resonates deeply with Hispanic consumers who want nothing but the best for their families.  What’s more, their innovative distribution approach to introduce the flavor and the Three Wishes brand to the critical Hispanic segment was both efficient and effective.

That said, the success of Three Wishes Horchata may have many Hispanics wishing for the flavor to become permanent and I wouldn’t be surprised if that wish were granted.

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