U.S. Hispanic / Multicultural Coronavirus Research and Insights

With COVID-19 becoming our “new normal” we at Captura Group have been proactively working with our clients to understand the impact of this pandemic on U.S. Hispanics and other multicultural segments and most importantly what brands can “yes do” in this environment.
So far, what we are seeing is that minorities are being impacted by the Coronavirus more than the average American. To us, this represents a clear opportunity for brands to invest and engage with multicultural communities within the right situational and cultural context. Brands that do right now, will reap the rewards long into the future.
As we continue to gather and interpret research and insights for our clients, we thought it would be helpful to all of us working in multicultural marketing to have a place in which all this valuable information could be aggregated. That’s why we started this project.

We want to make this a collective effort, so if you find any research or insights about Latinos / Multicultural consumers and the impact of COVID-19,
please submit the content by filling out this form. We will do our best to update this post, giving credit to those who submit new material.
We are all in this together! #juntospodemos
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