U.S. Hispanic / Multicultural Coronavirus Research and Insights

With COVID-19 becoming our “new normal” we at Captura Group have been proactively working with our clients to understand the impact of this pandemic on U.S. Hispanics and other multicultural segments and most importantly what brands can “yes do” in this environment.
So far, what we are seeing is that minorities are being impacted by the Coronavirus more than the average American. To us, this represents a clear opportunity for brands to invest and engage with multicultural communities within the right situational and cultural context. Brands that do right now, will reap the rewards long into the future.
As we continue to gather and interpret research and insights for our clients, we thought it would be helpful to all of us working in multicultural marketing to have a place in which all this valuable information could be aggregated. That’s why we started this project.

We want to make this a collective effort, so if you find any research or insights about Latinos / Multicultural consumers and the impact of COVID-19,
please submit the content by filling out this form. We will do our best to update this post, giving credit to those who submit new material.
We are all in this together! #juntospodemos
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7/27/2021High levels of income loss for low income and minority segments in COVIDAARPHouseholds that already would have been considered lower income before the pandemic showed the highest overall decrease, with 47 percent reporting a drop in income.Captura Group
7/20/2021Pew Research shows high levels of familial loss for Latinos in COVIDPew Research CenterHigh number of Latinos responded yes to having known someone close lost to COVID-19Captura Group
7/15/2021Medical debt disparaties rise in the PandemicPatient EngagementBlack and Latino households faced higher rates of medical debt during Coronavirus PandemicCaptura Group
7/9/2021Communiteis devastated by loss are taking COVID-19 precautionsHealthDayMinority groups facing the devastation of COVID are prioritizing safety as the delta variant spreadsCaptura Group
6/30/2021COVID-19 is worsening Food insecurity for Latinos and other familiesSalud América!Food insecurity has increased with the impacts of COVID-19 on low-income communities.Captura Group
6/25/2021New research exposes Latino COVID experienceJames Madison UniversityA team of James Madison University will research health disparities within Virginia’s Latino communities in a effort towards improving the health of Latino populations. The research will also be used to inform collaborative communication among government agencies, community organizations, and healthcare providers.Captura Group
6/23/2021CDC joins Whatsapp to share COVID-19 Vaccination information to Spanish-dominant communityAxios6 months after vaccine approved for the public, CDC leans into Latino digital usage to unlock communication channels to Spanish-speakers through WhatsappCaptura Group
6/18/20021Latinas were forced out of the workforce during the pandemic at higher rates than othersForbesMany Latinas work in industries vulnerable to pandemic-related closures, and they are more likely to serve as primary caregivers to their families, according to a report published Wednesday by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative.Captura Group
6/14/2021COVID showed the need for more Spanish-speaking nursesNBC NewsThe nursing pipeline needs to include Latinos to be able to connect with language and culture to their patientsCaptura Group
6/11/2021Pandemic themed loteria game promotes vaccine awareness to LatinxsOakland SideCulturally engaging communications promote healthcare awareness and vaccinations with pandemic-themed loteriaCaptura Group
6/7/2021Pandemic hardships has his Latino and Black Americans the hardestQuartz80% of US adults experienced at least one serious economic, psychological, or health hardship between April 2020 and March 2021. Among them, 48% experienced financial insecurity, 29% faced food insecurity, and 18% missed a housing payment.Captura Group
6/1/2021Virus prompts need for more mental health supportReview JournalCOVID brings Mental Healthcare gaps to lightCaptura Group
6/1/2021Access, not hesitancy limiting Latino vaccinationABC NewsLatino senators sent a letter to the Biden administration urging officials to improve access to COVID-19 vaccines in Latino communities.Captura Group
5/28/2021Barrier are limiting willing but un-vaxed Latinos from receiving healthcareTampa Bay TimesOne-third of unvaccinated Hispanics want the shot, but have not been able to receive theirs yet.Captura Group
5/28/2021Women affected by student loansBankrateWomen and minorties face barriers to student loan acceptanceBankrate Inc.
5/25/2021Latino Owned businesses weather the COVID-19 stormStandardLatino business owners resilliant to the challenges of COVIDCaptura Group
5/24/2021Higher Education programs tackle Latino issues domestic & abroad amid COVID-19WTTWLatino Studies programs highlight the accomplishments and inequities faced globallyCaptura Group
5/20/2021Comedians supports vaccination efforts in Los AngelesGlobal CitizenComedian Angela Spicer is helping with mass vaccination efforts, reaching at-risk communities with vaccine access. Captura Group
5/18/2021Pharmacy deserts leave minority neighborhoods without access to healthcareEveryday HealthAs independent pharmacies close and corporate locations grow in wealthy communities, Minority and low-income communities are left without access to healthcare. Captura Group
5/17/2021Economic disparites existed before the PandemicDetroit Free PressThe Coronavirus pandemic exacerbated existing economic disparities within DetroitCaptura Group
5/11/2021Latinx college students faced challenges during the pandemicCNBCThe lifestyle shifts for college students in the pandemic created both challenges and opportunitiesCaptura Group
5/7/2021Climate Change is impacting minority healthPsychiatric TimesClimate change's impact on redlined and under-resourced communities lead to health risks down the roadCaptura Group
5/5/2021Why Hispanics got COVID at higher ratesWebMDWorkplace exposure to the new coronavirus is a major reason for Hispanic Americans' disproportionately high COVID-19 death rate.Captura Group
5/4/2021Mental health crisis has worsened in COVID for HispanicsNews on 640 percent of Hispanics experienced anxiety or depression between April and November of 2020, the highest percentage among all ethnicity groups.Captura Group
5/3/2021Vaccine fairies have booked hundreds of shots for essential workersMercury NewsVolunteers are helping essential workers in the Latino community get vaccinatedCaptura Group
4/29/2021Mexico offers extra COVID vaccinations to IndiaLa Prensa LatinaAwaiting an order of AstraZeneca vaccines to be delivered from India, Mexico's president announces plan to leave the vaccines for Indian distribution in the wake of their case increase.Captura Group
4/28/2021Black & Latino vaccination rates on the rise with proper community supportNPRWith more considerations in place to account for minority groups, hurdles are being surpassed for access to vaccines for at-risk communitiesCaptura Group
4/27/2021San Diego residents still have opportunity to apply for COVID-19 rental reliefCBS NewsRental assistance is available for Latinos in San DiegoCaptura Group
4/20/2021Hispanics turn to social media and gaming in the PandemicMediaPostLatino device and gaming platform use has increased during the COVID-19 lockdownsCaptura Group
4/19/2021Washington Barbers, Artists battle vaccine misinformation while workingAV PressCommunity members are sharing vaccine information at work to battle myths on Coronavirus preventionCaptura Group
4/18/2021California still has barriers to vaccine access for Latino & Black residentsMercury NewsCalifornia has still yet to give equitable access to vaccines for minority communitiesCaptura Group
4/14/2021Chicago social service group launches bilingual vaccine resource websiteABC ChicagoCasa Central launched a bilingual COVID vaccine resource website with information about getting appointments, online learning and virtual events.Captura Group
4/13/2021D.C. works to meet legal standards of vital information to provide accessible COVID online support to Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, French and Amharic speakersWashington PostThe District is playing catch-up to their COVID vaccine website after violating local law, to meet the standards of the Language Access Act. This will help support the community who has been adversely affected at higher levels by the pandemic.Captura Group
4/13/2021CDC study examines racial and ethnic disparities in COVID-19 hospitalizationsFierceHealthCareInequities based on racial and ethnic background had an affect on COVID's impact on community healthCaptura Group
4/12/2021ReMax to address impact of COVID-19 on Hispanic homeownershopPR NewswireNational Convention & Housing Policy Summit keynote address will kickoff with an analysis of the USH homeownership projections, a key market factor.Captura Group
4/9/2021Minority business owners struggled before Pandemic to access funds San Antonio ReportMinority business owners in San Antonio struggled to get access to capital prior to the pandemic. It only got worse.Captura Group
4/5/2021Younger Latino men are COVID's biggest victimsNBC NewsThe virus is disproportionately killing Hispanic men in the prime of their lives.Captura Group
4/2/2021Herd immunity contingent on supporting communication to Spanish-speaking communityFox News New OrleansProviding access to basic information like vaccine locations and transportation options for the Spanish speaking community is a huge hurdle for New Orleans vaccination plan.Captura Group
3/31/2021Latina scientists at the forefront of COVID testingNBC NewsZelaya, Mann and Maza call themselves “las tres mosqueteras,” At the start of the Pandemic, their lab was suddenly the center of attention as their team tested and reported Washington’s first positive coronavirus cases.Captura Group
3/26/2021Researchers studying effects of COVID on Latino communities in IowaIowa Public RadioLong term effects of COVID-19 are being studied in the Midwest Latino community, giving focus to an often overlooked group so see the pandemics impact on health and wellness. Captura Group
3/25/2021All POC women a first in Chicago trade skills programChicago TribuneChicago neighborhood trade skills training program launches all-women's class to combat the COVID impact on female employment.Captura Group
3/24/2021More Black and Latin Americans are embracing COVID-19 vaccinationsNPRAs access to shots expand, multicultural groups are getting vaccinated.Captura Group
3/23/2021Indianapolis provides Spanish speaking hotline for COVID vaccination informationNPR - IndianapolisIndianapolis community supports mass vaccination with Spanish speaking COVID hotlineCaptura Group
3/22/2021Latino communities face hurdles to vaccinationNewsyHispanic farm workers find vaccines and vaccination information difficult to access.Captura Group
3/18/2021Complex and enduring economic factors increase risk of COVID upon Latin communitiesMarketplace.org“If you can't earn a living, if you don't have safe housing, if you don't have access to food, if you don't have transportation, you’re going to never have equitable health outcomes,”Captura Group
3/17/2021Chicago's Latin@ Musicians succeeded dispite the pandemicChicago ReaderIn Chicago, young artist navigate the pandemic with musicCaptura Group
3/10/2021Higher Ed calls for more support for Hispanic Serving Insitutions to subsidise education recovery effortsInside Higher EdBefore the pandemic, Latinx students were entering college at a rate that was rising faster than their growth in the general population -- and faster than the enrollment rates of any other racial group. HSIs have been shown to help narrow the Latinx college completion gap more than non-HSIsCaptura Group
3/9/2021Women of Color left behind in job market recoveryCNBCBlack and Hispanic women are unemployed at higher rates than their white counterparts as the job market pushes to recoverCaptura Group
3/8/2021Eligible Latinos struggled with access to Unemployment benefitsSacramento BeeUnemployment insurance was hard to reach for many families impacted by the COVID layoffsCaptura Group
3/5/2021Tu Salud Sin COVID website helps Hispanics manage chronic diseses safelyPR NewswireChronic disease management has slipped during COVID as doctors offices close and hospitals increase risk of exhaustionCaptura Group
3/3/2021Hispanic families in Vegas hopeful with new hybrid school planABC News - Las VegasThe beginning of March means also the return to classrooms for thousands of kids in Las Vegas.Captura Group
3/1/2021Kansas City promotes vaccination information to Latino communityABC News - Kansas CityKansas City uses billboard, clear in-language messaging to promote vaccination signups in Latino communitiesCaptura Group
2/26/2021UAlbany president speaks to Hispanic Serving Insitiution goals and COVID studyNorthEast Public RadioThe University at Albany is partnering with Excelencia in Education Captura Group
2/25/2021Minorities reported higher need for pandemic stimulus to "get by"CNBCThe differences in access to liquid savings is apparent as survey shows variance in need.Captura Group
2/25/2021Latino caregiver program discovered new wave of patientsNPR - BuffaloThe program reaches the Latino community to administer memory exams, educate families on memory-related issues and connect people to diagnosis, treatment, and support as needed. Captura Group
2/24/2021Biden's new PPP loan changes to help immigrant business ownersCNBCThe Biden Administration’s new PPP loan initiatives include extending the loans to legal residentsCaptura Group
2/23/2021Small business owner COVID pandemic impact greater for minoritiesTrumbull TimesLower access to capital has placed strains on minority small businesses amid the pandemicCaptura Group
2/22/2021Asian-American community faces two pandemicsMarket WatchThe Asian-American community is hurting as racial attacks and COVID-19 impacts business, lives.Captura Group
2/21/2021Digital divide causes 'life or death' scenario as people await vaccineBusiness InsiderThe people who lack access and time to sign up for the vaccine are the same as those most at risk for contracting and dying from the disease: minorities, homeless, and elderly Americans.Captura Group
2/16/2021Spread of false information for COVID-19 information within the Latino Community just as deadly as the virusHighlander NewsThe spread of false information around COVID-19 within the Latinx community has misled millions.Captura Group
2/15/2021Coronavirus devastates California farm workersCapitol WeeklyThe operations that can’t be socially distanced normally have an overwhelmingly Latino workforce.Captura Group
2/12/2021America's biggest cities face racial inequities in vaccine distributionCNNThese inequities are evident in some of the country's largest metro areas, where demand for vaccines is far outpacing supply. Disparities in vaccination rates indicate that appointments are not accessible enough to underserved groups.Captura Group
2/12/2021How to get more Latinos vaccinatedThe Association of American Medical CollegesCurrent doctor addresses concerns and proposes solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination initiative.Captura Group
2/11/2021National Alliance for Hispanic Health launches "Vacunas" networkPR NewswireNAHH pushes for national vaccination, with support geared towards the Hispanic communityCaptura Group
2/10/2021The COVID-19 economic inpact on core industries and the Hispanic workforceBrookingsThe federal COVID-19 response was implemented in a way that reduced benefits for many Hispanic or Latino families.Captura Group
2/9/2021National Alliance for Hispanic Health delivers new social media narratives on COVID-19PR NewswireThe organization launched a bilingual campaign addressing COVID-19 concerns and encouraging vaccination in Hispanic communities.Captura Group
2/8/2021Latino businesses share COVID-10 experienceWest Central TribuneLatino businesses experienced difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.Captura Group
2/7/2021COVID economic recovery is leaving behind minority communitiesBlack EnterpriseThe U.S. economy is slowly rebounding, but minority women, specifically those who are Black and Hispanic, are being left behind.Captura Group
2/5/2021CDC study calls for more efficient and equitable administration of COVID-19 vaccineFox NewsAmong persons who received the first vaccine dose and had available data for the respective demographic characteristic variable, 63.0% were women, 55.0% were aged ≥50 years, and 60.4% were WhiteCaptura Group
2/4/2021Achieving an inclusive economic recoveryMcKinsey & CompanyUnless bold action is taken, the post pandemic recovery will further exacerbate inequality.Captura Group
2/3/2021Navajo Nation begins mass vaccinationsNPRAfter severe COVID cases last year, Navajo Nation lifts their lockdown with 1/5th of the community already vaccinatedCaptura Group
2/2/2021Many Latinos hesitant to receive COVID-19 vaccineNPRLack of trust and in-language communications is a barrier to vaccinationCaptura Group
2/2/2021Mixed feelings on "Return-to-Business" in Latino communitiesWTTWCOVID-19 experiences across the city reflect every other map of Chicago inequitiesCaptura Group
2/1/2021Med School applications soar as Black and Latino students are driven to help their communitiesUSA TodayBlack & Brown students are stepping up to serve their communities, driving the increase in medical school enrollment.Captura Group
1/29/2021President Biden opens healthcare accessLa Prensa LatinaPresident Biden to help millions of Americans get access to healthcare.Captura Group
1/28/2011In-language COVID-19 Information a priority by communities to reach HispanicsIdaho NewsLeaders work to provide information to the Hispanic community to learn more about the vaccine as rollout continues.Captura Group
1/27/2021Cleveland leaders clearing barriers to vaccinationYahoo!Cleveland Hispanic leaders are providing equal access to the vaccine and COVID-19 resources with language & cultural conscious communicationCaptura Group
1/27/2021Diabetes + COVID combo has higher hospitalization rates for Black patientsWJTVBlack patients coping with both Type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 are about four times as likely to be hospitalized for life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis as someone who’s white, due to healthcare inefficiencies.Captura Group
1/26/2021Q&A: COVID-19 vaccination trial diversityKFFDiversity within clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine helps ensure safety and effectiveness across populations and may increase confidence in getting the vaccine among people of color.Captura Group
1/25/2021Scientists struggle with language as they push to vaccinate immigrant populationsAPAdvocates for Latino immigrants are heading into farm fields to bring vaccines and information to migrant laborers while trying to counter misinformation.Captura Group
1/25/2021Mobile labs take vaccine studies to diverse neighborhoodsThe ExaminerResearchers in more than a dozen spots around the country are rolling out mobile health clinics to better reach rural and minority COVID-19 vaccine trial participants.Captura Group
1/22/2021COVID-19 shrinks life expectancy for Black and Latino AmericansQZLife expectancy impact is more severe for Black and Latino communities than white populationsCaptura Group
1/20/2021Minority citizens less confident in ability to access COVID-19 vaccinesPR NewswireQuest Diagnostics Health Trends™ study finds 52% expect actions will be taken to address racial disparities in healthcare in the wake of COVID-19Captura Group
1/19/2021San Diego Foundation provides $300,000 in relief for Black, Latino, and Asian - American businessesSan Diego Union TribuneChamber of Commerces are working together to support community in needCaptura Group
1/18/2021Coronavirus vaccines safe for People of ColorYahoo!Clinical trials overwhelmingly show that coronavirus vaccines are safe for people of color, presenting little threat of long-term side effects.Captura Group
1/15/2021Pandemic shortens U.S. life expectancyNPRThe deaths caused by COVID-19 have reduced overall life expectancy by 1.13 years, the largest single-year decline in the past 40 years.Captura Group
1/14/2021Black and Hispanic women are getting left behind in Coronavirus economic recoveryBlack EnterpriseWhile white men & women and Black males have returned to work, Latinos and black women are still looking for opportunity.Captura Group
1/13/2021Latinos seek deeper understanding of vaccineClick OrlandoExperts weigh in on the cultural reasons Latinos are hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine.Captura Group
1/12/2021NALAC to distribute $115 Million in COVID relief grants to Latinx artists and arts organizationsBroadway WorldThe National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) announces an open call to apply for emergency grants through its Actos de Confianza relief efforts in the United States and Puerto Rico. Captura Group
1/12/2021Cuellar discusses health, economic partnerships and Latino museum found in COVID-19 billLMT OnlineThe COVID-19 relieve bill helped secure language that will create a Latino museum in the nation’s capital.Captura Group
1/11/2021Brown Girls Code program expands with additional fundingState ScoopIgnite Cities will offer funding to Brown Girls Code, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding computer science resources and training for students.Captura Group
1/11/2021Hispanic Games impacted by COVID restrictions, but athletes still excited to participateLoHudWhile competing in masks, school sports begin to open in New York and surrounding states.Captura Group
1/10/2021US women and persons of color bear brunt of December job lossesCrains DetroitThe pandemic has erased years of economic progress for women and Black and Hispanic workers, and economists say those losses are poised to continue until the coronavirus is under control.Captura Group
1/9/2021Young minorities most impacted by Historic job lossWall Street JournalDecember capped the worst year for U.S. job losses in records tracing back to 1939, with Hispanics, Blacks, teenagers and high-school dropouts hit particularly hard.Captura Group
1/8/2021Black and Hispanic workers feeling brunt of pandemic recessionWITFThe current recession, and limited recovery, is an unequal one, when considering the employment in relation to race, gender, and education.Captura Group
1/7/2021Novavax offers new COVID vaccine trial aimed at Black, Latino population in RaleighWRALTrial is encouraging representation of members of specific populations to join the trial, such as the Black or Latino community, as well as people with pre-existing conditions.Captura Group
1/5/2021Here's what the next round of PPP loans means for Black Owned BusinessesForbesThe new law sets aside a portion of the total money for small community banks, credit unions and community development financial institutions (CDFI), and opens up funding areas within the loan use.Captura Group
1/4/2021Cuomo vows to wait on vaccination until accessible to all communities of New Yorkers1010 WinsGov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that he won't get the COVID-19 vaccine until it’s available for Black, Hispanic and poor communities in his group in New York state.Captura Group
1/4/2021United Hospice sued for racial discriminationRockland County Business JournalMinority employees sue Hospice care group for unsafe & unfair employment practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.Captura Group
12/23/2020Asian Americans face racism towards food & businessThe Denver PostBigotry toward Asian Americans and Asian food has spread steadily alongside the coronavirus in the United States.Captura Group
12/21/2020Doctora Latina explica como funciona la vacuna de Coronavirus, y la importancia de se vacunenUnivisionLatina doctor explains the function and importance of the Coronavirus vaccineCaptura Group
12/21/2020Mistrust and misinformation challenges Hispanic doctorsNBC NewsDoctors across the country are hearing skepticism about the vaccines because of the lack of reliable information, especially in Spanish, coupled with disinformation that has been circulating.Captura Group
12/18/2020Spanish language shift increases job opporunities for LatinosIndy StarBoston Scientific created an all Spanish-language work shift to recruit workers in the Hispanic and Latino population in the area out of work after COVID shut down many jobs. Captura Group
12/18/2020Diversity has historically been a hurdle in drug trialsU.S. NewsFrom Tuskegee to COVID-19, there is a lack of trust between minority communities and medical practice, based in a history of abuse and mistreatment. This vaccine must overcome suspicion to bring health security across the nation.Captura Group
12/17/2020Senator Duckworth discusses equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution with community leadersRiverbender.comChicago and Illinois leaders and public health experts discussed the disproportionate public health impact of COVID-19, and addressing the barriers to access and distribution.Captura Group
12/16/2020ConsejoSano Raises $17 Million in Tech Funding to Reduce Health Disparities Among Multicultural PopulationsPR NewswireConsejoSano series B funding will support technology-based solutions towards healthcare equity for minority groupsCaptura Group
12/15/2020U.S. Hispanic Students Are Transforming Higher EducationCapturaGroup.comHigher Education institutions are changing their marketing for COVID-19 adaptations, but their path to recovery will be in the Hispanic audience.Captura Group
12/14/2020Minority Veterans on VA's Priority List for COVID-19 Vaccine DistributionMilitary.comHigh-risk Department of Veterans Affairs health workers, older veterans and minorities will be the first to be offered a COVID-19 vaccine through VA.Captura Group
12/13/2020Nonprofit helps Latina women address stark race, gender economic disparities amid the Covid crisisCNBCL.A.-based nonprofit, New Economics for Women, provides the resources women needed to achieve economic mobilityCaptura Group
12/12/2020Latino Association gets $75K for COVID reliefPamplin MediaCentral Oregon families will receive assistance from the Oregon Latinx Leadership NetworkCaptura Group
12/11/2020Hispanic community seeks to be among first to get COVID-19 vaccine in AustinKXANAustin Public Health numbers show the Hispanic community is still hit the hardest locally from COVID-19. Before the vaccine is expected to arrive, some are asking whether Latinos will be among the first to get it.Captura Group
12/10/2020Black and Latino students' education in California are suffering most from the pandemic, a lawsuit says.New York TimesLawsuit claims California has failed during the pandemic to provide low-income Black and Latino students the free and equal education that the State Constitution guaranteesCaptura Group
12/9/2020Pritzker administration launches outreach campaign to support Illinois Latinx & Immigrant communitiesRiverbender.comGovernment recognizes need for in-language resources for constituentsCaptura Group
12/8/2020More than half of Black, Latino, Native American workers hold jobs that require in-person contactCNBCMinority workers have faced higher risk, and there is a need for policies for better public health, workplace safety and health-care accessCaptura Group
12/8/2020Social distancing is a priviledgeBlock Club ChicagoBlack and Latino residents have a higher health risk than other ChicagoansCaptura Group
12/7/2020Hispanic unemployment from COVID-19 cut in halfCNBCMany Latino workers that lost their jobs due to shutdowns have seen returns to the workforce, but are still at risk.Captura Group
12/4/2020Health experts say educating Hispanics about a COVID-19 vaccine is crucialWMC 5 Action NewsEducation among the community is essential to overcoming mistrust about healthcare accessCaptura Group
12/3/2020AI Shows COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Less Effective in Racial MinoritiesHealth IT AnalyticsPreliminary research shows that the recently developed vaccines could be less effective among Asian and Black patientsCaptura Group
12/2/2020Families sue California, say state fails to educate poor, minority students amid pandemicReuters – Yahoo! NewsAlready disadvantaged populations are being left behind in education as the state cannot meet their needsCaptura Group
12/1/2020California hospitalizations from COVID-19 surging; ICUs may be overwhelmed in weeksNPRLatinos are three times more likely than whites to test positiveCaptura Group
11/25/2020To Build Trust on COVID Vax in Black Community, Learn From the FluMedpage TodayEducation about how the vaccine works and how it can mitigate risks – addressing knowledge gaps – may contribute to building trust and a more successful rolloutCaptura Group
11/24/2020Hispanics are paying the price for being 'essential' during the pandemicAmerican Heart AssociationThe impact is economic, medical and health related, affecting individuals, families, and entire communities, with the virus spreading much faster than in other groupsCaptura Group
11/23/2020COVID is sending Black, Latino and Native American people to the hospital at about 4 times the rate of othersKIDK ABC Local 8 NewsDeath rates among Black and Hispanics were higher during the summer, and cases among children in these groups are also higherCaptura Group
11/17/2020COVID pandemic lays bare the critical shortage of Latinx healthcare professionalsAl Día NewsHalf a million bilingual healthcare professionals will be needed by 2024Captura Group
11/16/2020Asian Americans voted for Biden 63% to 31%, but the reality is more complexNBC NewsDespite anti-Asian sentiment during the pandemic, the split of votes by party was not as much as some expectedCaptura Group
11/12/2020Black Americans are the most hesitant to get a COVID-19 vaccineUSA TodayA lack of adequate Black and Hispanic participation will make it difficult to gauge the vaccine’s effectiveness among these groupsCaptura Group
11/11/2020Minority patients with rheumatic diseases have worse COVID-19 outcomes, more likely to be hospitalizedNewswiseThe hospitalizations may also require more invasive ventilator treatmentsCaptura Group
11/10/2020FACEism: How COVID-19 is resurfacing US history of racism against Asian AmericansABCLoaded racial terms to describe the virus fuel assaults against Asian Americans throughout the country, and reflect a historical trendCaptura Group
11/6/2020With the Affordable Care Act in peril, Latinos voted to protect access to health insuranceBrookingsCOVID-19 and healthcare costs were the two most important policy issues in the election for LatinosCaptura Group
11/5/2020Spanish-speaking domestic workers saw jobs, hours plummet due to COVID-19 The Hill75% of workers were not paid for canceled jobs, and both part- and full-time workers saw a drop in hoursCaptura Group
11/4/2020Worked to death: Latino farmworkers have long been denied basic rights. COVID-19 showed how deadly racism could be.USA TodayRaced-based attitudes toward Latinos, regardless of citizenship status, have exacerbated their plight during the pandemicCaptura Group
11/3/2020Update: Coronavirus case rates and death rates for Latinos in the United StatesSalud América!21.3% of COVID-19 deaths are among Latinos according to CDC, with most deaths occurring in those aged 35-44Captura Group
11/2/2020 In Mississippi, more White people now have gotten Covid-19 than African Americans. Attitudes about masks might help explain why, official saysCNNAt the start of the pandemic, Black Americans in the state accounted for 60% of the cases and deaths, by October it was down to 37.8%Captura Group
10/30/2020Election 2020: Latinx women's vote could affect the outcomeNPRThe hardships that Latinx women face because of the pandemic are an important factor in their decision to voteCaptura Group
10/29/2020Black Americans don't trust a COVID-19 vaccine — they have valid reasons whyThe HillOvercoming historical discrimination will require increasing trust in science and in public health institutionsCaptura Group
10/28/2020COVID-19 Tools & ResourcesNational Association for Latino Community Asset BuildersResources for non-profits and employers nationwideCaptura Group
10/28/2020Why the Asian American Covid data picture is so incompleteNBC NewsCommunity leaders and health experts point to possible undertesting and the need for better data collection among the communityCaptura Group
10/27/2020'All you want is to be believed': Sick with COVID-19 and facing racial bias in the ERNPRUnconscious bias in medical staff affects the type of care that Latino and Black patients receive, when compared to white patients, research has shownCaptura Group
10/23/2020Black Americans see a health-care system infected by racism, new poll showsNational GeographicBeliefs of unfair treatment in medical care, per a nationwide poll, have intensified during the pandemicCaptura Group
10/22/2020 Study reveals why some blame Asian Americans for COVID-19Ohio State NewsRacial stereotypes were a powerful factor, but others played a role, such as ideology and sources of news viewed by the study respondentsCaptura Group
10/21/2020Asian American New Yorkers experienced highest surge in unemployment during pandemicNBC NewsFrom the start of the pandemic to May, the jobless rate in New York City for Asian Americans climbed from 3.4% to 25.6%Captura Group
10/20/2020More Hispanic workers impacted by Covid-19 in food processing and agricultureCNN73% of workers diagnosed with the virus were Hispanic, yet they represent 37% of the meat and poultry workforceCaptura Group
10/16/2020Voting safely during the Covid-19 pandemicVoto LatinoVoting by mail is the safest way to vote, and all states offer some form of this option. Some states will mail ballots automatically, for other states they have to be requested.Captura Group
10/14/2020Black, Hispanic COVID-19 patients likely to develop acute pancreatitisHealioWhile further study is needed, physicians should screen for upper abdominal painCaptura Group
10/13/2020The $700 billion Hispanic business market in the U.S. is now at the tipping pointCNBCLatinos were the fastest growing business group before the pandemic, today 5 million Latinos are at risk of bankruptcy and many business have negative cash flowCaptura Group
10/12/2020Hispanics are paying the price for being 'essential' during the pandemicFairfield CitizenHispanics 65 years and older are twice as likely to die from coronavirus, and as a whole, make up 29% of the cases and almost 17% of the fatalitiesCaptura Group
10/8/2020Community left behind: Asian American businesses affected by COVID-19ABC NewsAsian Americans had the lowest unemployment before the pandemic, but many are struggling now and seeing record-level unemploymentCaptura Group
10/7/2020Hispanic organizations provide relief to farmworkers during pandemicPinal CentralThree grants will help farm workers across three counties receive masks, and assistance for food, clothing, rent and moreCaptura Group
10/6/2020How Covid is accelerating the fight for Black voting rights in the US (video)The GuardianBlack Americans are rethinking where, when, and how they vote, and should not be assumed to vote for one party over anotherCaptura Group
10/5/2020Latino voters, the economy, and the pandemicThe AtlanticCOVID-19 may impact Latino’s political power due to depressed voter interest and lackluster outreach from the campaignsCaptura Group
10/2/2020'Overlooked': Asian American jobless rate surges but few take noticeNPRAsian Americans have gone from having the lowest to having one of the highest unemployment rates in the country during the pandemicCaptura Group
10/1/2020Why coronavirus is hitting Black seniors especially hardTampa Bay TimesMedical conditions, such as diabetes and obesity; mistrust of government and healthcare organizations; and lifelong experience of racism in healthcare, heighten risk for older Black Americans Captura Group
9/30/2020Health inequity in the Hispanic/Latinx population during the COVID-19 pandemicInfectious Disease AdvisorStrategies for health equity include culturally sensitive prevention communication, access to testing, ambulatory care, and moreCaptura Group
9/29/2020Infographic: Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Hispanic consumersCulturatiLearn how the coronavirus has disrupted the lives of U.S. Hispanics as a whole, and by different segments, and affected their behavior as consumersCaptura Group
9/29/2020Infographic: Impact of COVID-19 on Black American consumers & shoppersCulturatiDownload and share this infographic summarizing how the pandemic has affected the lifestyles, media consumption and shopping behaviors of African American consumersCaptura Group
9/28/2020The pandemic could widen the achievement gap. A generation of students is at risk. PoliticoThe racial and socioeconomic gap in access to school resources is also reflected in the virtual classroom, with $2,200 spent less on each non white student per yearCaptura Group
9/25/2020As pandemic deaths add up, racial disparities persist — and in some cases worsen NPRHispanics are dying at higher rates in 19 states; African Americans' infection rate is 1.5x that of the general population, both trends that have increased since the start of the pandemicCaptura Group
9/24/2020House passes resolution to denounce Covid-19 racism toward Asian Americans NBC NewsThe measure calls for investigation and data collection of coronavirus-related hate crimesCaptura Group
9/23/2020Citi pledges to become antiracist, review internal policiesBloombergRaced-based inequalities have cost the nation $16 trillion in GDP, according to a study from the bankCaptura Group
9/22/2020Blacks and Hispanics are twice as likely to test positive for Covid-19, says a new studyCNNThe disparities cannot be explained by underlying health conditions, and healthcare strategies are needed to contain the virus among minority communitiesCaptura Group
9/20/2020Covid-19 death rate among African Americans and Latinos rising sharplyThe GuardianThe rate of increase among Black Americans and Latinos is much greater than that of the white population, and further exacerbates existing racial disparitiesCaptura Group
9/17/2020The majority of children who die from COVID-19 are children of colorNPRFor children under 21 who have died due to coronavirus, 45% were Hispanic, 29% were Black and 4% were non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native.Captura Group
9/16/2020Coronavirus is making the return to school a tough test for Black familiesThe UndefeatedChildren of color face a potentially lost school year because they are more likely to attend under-resourced schoolsCaptura Group
9/15/2020Many Latinx workers say they’ve ‘wiped out’ emergency savings during pandemicCNBCLatinos have dipped into their emergency savings at a faster rate than the general populationCaptura Group
9/14/2020The largely remote school year will hurt working families that were already struggling the most during the pandemicBusiness InsiderTech issues and tech gaps in education could impact learning opportunities, especially for children of low income households or those with working parentsCaptura Group
9/11/2020US Hispanic and Latino lives and livelihoods in the recovery from COVID-19McKinsey & CompanyLatinos are overrepresented in most of the essential job categories affected by the pandemicCaptura Group
9/10/2020Latinos are more wary of sending kids to school, but they may have more to lose if they don’tIdaho Ed NewsHispanic parents are less inclined to send their children back to school, because the schools have not done a good job of communicating their plansCaptura Group
9/9/2020Latino parents face back-to-school uncertainty as COVID-19 hits their families hardNBC NewsLack of internet access and connectivity challenges make Latino families apprehensive about remote learningCaptura Group
9/4/2020Too many Black Americans are dying from COVID-19Scientific AmericanProposed solutions include “Medicare COVID”, hazard pay, and testing and treatment regardless of immigration status Captura Group
9/3/2020Asian Americans students face bullying over COVIDWebMDBullying and physical attacks based on race have spilled over to the classroom, and onlineCaptura Group
9/2/2020Asian Americans in South lack COVID resources found in N.Y. and L.A. Here's who's helping.NBC NewsCommunity and social organizations are helping AAPI people with information and matters of racial justiceCaptura Group
9/1/2020Shortened census count will hurt communities of colorLatino USAThe pandemic has shortened the census timeframe, and will leave minorities undercounted because they have less access to mail, telephone and internet services Captura Group
8/28/2020Promotoras working in Latino communities to slow COVID-19 spreadABC 10 News San DiegoPromotoras – bilingual community health workers – have partnered with the county to support contact tracing in an effort to lower COVID-19 cases among the Latino communityCaptura Group
8/27/2020COVID-19 and advancing Asian American recoveryMcKinsey & CompanyPublic and private sector agencies need to understand the within-group nuances and disparities among Asian Americans in order to engage them and create opportunitiesCaptura Group
8/26/2020COVID-19 is 3rd leading cause of death for Black AmericansKRIS 6 NewsThe mortality rate for Black Americans is more than twice that of Asian or white Americans, and only cancer and heart disease will kill more African Americans this yearCaptura Group
8/25/2020Asian-American youth struggling with COVID-19 and racismChildren’s MinnesotaParents are encouraged to talk to their kids about race, share their feelings, and ask them what they hear around them, as they prepare to go back to schoolCaptura Group
8/21/2020The fullest look yet at the
racial inequity of coronavirus

New York TimesInteractive, nationwide data showing the pandemic’s impact across racial and ethnic linesCaptura Group
8/20/2020The Black-White wealth gap will widen educational disparities during the coronavirus pandemicCenter for American ProgressMoving to online classes, while good for public health, may put Black students behind due to racial economic disparitiesCaptura Group
8/19/2020How the Covid-19 economy is hurting US Latinos more than any other groupCNNLatinos have a grimmer overall view of the economy because of how the pandemic has affected their employment prospectsCaptura Group
8/17/2020COVID-19 death rate for Black Americans twice that for WhitesNPRThe National Urban League reports that doctors downplayed complaints from Black patients and prescribed weaker pain medicationCaptura Group
8/14/2020A doctor’s mission to help Latinos ravaged by COVID-19ABC NewsAn LA County USC doctor has made her hospital her home away from home, sacrificing her time to serve her community as cases continue to surgeCaptura Group
8/12/2020U.S. Bank donation helps Asian Pacific Fund respond to pressing community needs amid COVID-19USBankThe Fund has raised over $500,000 which will be distributed to the most vulnerableCaptura Group
8/11/2020Latinos rely more on social media as a coronavirus lifelineNBC NewsDigital networks and smartphones are helping bridge the social-distancing gap and serving as lifelinesCaptura Group
8/10/2020Latinos are transforming cultural connections during COVID-19HispanicAd- NielsenA network of trusted influencers, brands and media keeps Latinos informed and engaged during the pandemicCaptura Group
8/7/2020Dr. Fauci discusses the impact and severity of COVID-19 disparities in African AmericansLA SentinelHe acknowledged the health-related racial disparities among Black American and other minorities, and emphasized the need for children’s safety as they return to schoolCaptura Group
8/6/2020Health equity considerations and racial and ethnic minority groupsCDCEncouraging individual and community support through caring for others, helping kids eat healthy, coping with stress and other measures can help prevent the spread of the pandemicCaptura Group
8/5/2020Coronavirus economic downturn has hit Latinos especially hardPew Research CenterLatinos have a bleaker view than the U.S. overall about the pandemic, and believe the worst is yet to comeCaptura Group
8/5/20202,120 hate incidents against Asian Americans reported during coronavirus pandemicCBS NewsAbout 40% of the incidents took place in California, and some included slurs blaming them for bringing the virus to the U.S.Captura Group
8/3/2020Initiative aims to boost COVID-19 testing for Blacks, LatinosThe Detroit NewsCVS has opened drive-in testing sites and eight testing facilities in partnership with community organizations Captura Group
7/31/2020Why Latinx people are hospitalized from COVID-19 At 4 times the rate of whitesNPRLack of trust in government is one of the risk factors contributing to higher hospitalization ratesCaptura Group
7/30/2020Stark racial disparities emerge as families struggle to get enough food during the pandemicPoliticoGovernment programs to address food insecurity among Black and Hispanic households are not adequateCaptura Group
7/30/2020Leaders were slow to bring COVID-19 testing to Latino communities. Now people are sick.USA TodayExperts say inadequate testing is one of the reasons for this disparityCaptura Group
7/28/2020COVID-19 is affecting Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color the mostThe COVID Tracking ProjectThe tracker shows the impact of the pandemic by race at the state, territory and local levelCaptura Group
7/27/2020San Diego county launches Latino outreach campaign for COVID-19KPBSOnline, radio, TV and signage messages will provide information about community resources and protective measuresCaptura Group
7/27/2020Traveling while Asian during the pandemicCNNFor Asian people, the health pandemic has become a crisis of racist incidents against them all over the worldCaptura Group
7/24/2020Many Latino workers fear getting tested for COVID-19. A San Francisco program aims to change that.LA TimesA local program incentivizes people to stay home without having to worry about paying their billsCaptura Group
7/24/2020Sustaining and strengthening inclusion in our new remote environmentHispanicAd – McKinsey & CompanyInclusion begins with leadership practices such as empathy, encouraging participation, developing all team members, and moreCaptura Group
7/23/2020Search for food assistance, get help paying bills and more during the pandemicFindHelpMultilingual search program to help connect you to local social services amid coronavirusCaptura Group
7/22/2020Ford and National Urban League launch $600,000 initiative to help Black small business owners hardest hit by COVID-19Multicultural Marketing ResourcesSix cities will participate in the initiative to give access to capital to Black business owners, as well as counselingCaptura Group
7/21/2020HHS initiatives to address the disparate impact of COVID-19 on African Americans and other racial and ethnic minoritiesHHSList of initiatives from the Federal government to address racial health disparities in the short and long termCaptura Group
7/21/2020‘Ayuda’ is here to help Hispanic community during COVID-19 pandemicKXAN - AustinThe delivery company will help run errands for Latinos in the area because many of them cannot work from home or don't have health insuranceCaptura Group
7/20/2020COVID-19 and African American* communitiesLA County Dept. of Public HealthComprehensive information about the virus, tailored to African American communitiesCaptura Group
7/20/2020COVID-19 Latino impact reportLULACDownload the report to see how the pandemic is affecting Latinos, and the legislative action plan with concrete steps to help Latinos during this timeCaptura Group
7/16/2020Hispanics in Philanthropy & Ureeka join forces to aid businesses hit hardest by COVID-19Hispanics in PhilanthropyThe Together We Win campaign will encourage consumer support of small and medium-sized businessesCaptura Group
7/15/2020Historically Black colleges fight for survival, reopening amid coronavirus pandemicUSA TodayThe pandemic has left HBCUs underfunded and unprepared for the subsequent financial shockCaptura Group
7/15/2020Health experts weigh in on reopening schoolsHispanic OutlookWhile in-person classes can even the playing field for minority students, they also pose the risk of exposure to the children and their householdsCaptura Group
7/13/2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small business guidance & loan resourcesSBAMultilingual resources to help businesses recover from the pandemicCaptura Group
7/13/2020Racial disparities persist in Connecticut’s COVID-19 outbreak, prompting concern about effects of potential second waveHartford CourantGoing forward, targeted testing and improved communication about wearing masks may be one set of tools for reducing racial health disparitiesCaptura Group
7/10/2020Communities of color paying the price as states reopen (video)CNNThe states in the South and West with growing outbreaks are home to 71% of the Hispanic population and 62% of all persons of color in the countryCaptura Group
7/9/2020COVID-19 and student learning in the United States: The hurt could last a lifetimeMcKinsey & Co.Low income minority students, with less access to remote learning, are expected to suffer the greatest learning lossCaptura Group
7/9/2020 COVID-19 will intensify education inequities for Black studentsDiverse Issues in Higher EducationAs schools move to online formats, some Black families will have difficulty making the transition due to wealth and structural racial gapsCaptura Group
7/8/2020Almost one-third of Black Americans know someone who died of COVID-19Washington PostNationwide, Black Americans are far more likely than Latinos and White Americans to know firsthand someone who was killed by the virusCaptura Group
7/6/2020'Go back to China,' Asian-American kids targeted due to virus (video)CNNCalifornia has recorded over 800 cases of hate incidents, ranging from assault and service denial, to harassment and discriminationCaptura Group
7/6/2020Health officials, volunteers focus efforts on Latino community disproportionately affected by COVID-19ABCIn North Carolina, Latinos account for 46% of cases, although only 10% of the populationCaptura Group
7/2/2020Why some people of color say they won't wear homemade masksCNNDespite CDC recommendations, masks may exacerbate racial profiling for Latinos and Black AmericansCaptura Group
7/2/2020Why Latinx people are hospitalized from COVID-19 at 4 times the rate of WhitesNPRPre Existing conditions and less access to health care are two contributing factors that make Latinos more vulnerableCaptura Group
7/1/202031% of Asian Americans say they've been subject to racist slurs or jokes since the coronavirus pandemic beganCNNThe general public has noticed more racist views toward Asian and Black AmericansCaptura Group
6/30/2020COVID-19 is also disproportionately harming minority businessesNext CityMeasures to stop the spread of the virus have resulted in a disproportionate effect on African American and Latino businessesCaptura Group
6/30/2020Despite protections, landlords seek to evict tenants in Black and Latino areas of South L.A.LA TimesUtility shut offs and illegal lockouts will affect the people most vulnerable to the pandemicCaptura Group
6/26/2020Latinos make up nearly 70% of coronavirus cases in San Diego County — more than three times as many as white residentsCBS NewsAlthough 34% of the local population, Latinos represent 67.4% of the cases in San DiegoCaptura Group
6/26/2020Well-being and mental health amid COVID-19: Differences in resilience across minorities and whitesBrookingsContrary to expectations, low-income African Americans remain optimistic and report better mental health and their white counterpartsCaptura Group
6/25/2020'I Will Not Stand Silent.' 10 Asian Americans reflect on racism during the pandemic and the need for equalityTimeA set of portraits of victims of xenophobia highlights anti-Asian sentiments during the pandemic, and historicallyCaptura Group
6/25/2020To combat disparities, Black churches in Dallas offer coronavirus testingNPRSouth Dallas churches are stepping in to provide access to testing, filling in a known racial health disparityCaptura Group
6/23/2020Black Medicare patients With COVID-19 nearly 4 times as likely to end up in hospitalNPREven among older Americans, who generally develop more severe cases of COVID-19, the racial health disparities persistCaptura Group
6/23/2020America’s digital divide is an emergencyThe Washington PostAs the pandemic increases the need for internet connectivity, African Americans and Latinos are less likely to have broadband accessCaptura Group
6/22/2020Virus cases skyrocketing among LatinosPoliticoNew coronavirus infections among Latinos are outpacing other racial and ethnic groupsCaptura Group
6/22/2020Minority-owned small businesses were supposed to get priority. They may not have.NPRAn SBA report found that minorities have not received the intended loans under the Paycheck Protection ProgramCaptura Group
6/19/2020Coronavirus, racism and kindness: How NYC middle-schoolers built a winning podcastNPRThe English and Mandarin podcast uses a simple format and facts to deliver a message of kindness and to fight misinformation about COVID-19 and the Chinese populationCaptura Group
6/19/2020Latinos shoulder disproportionate coronavirus cases: CDC dataABC NewsCurrent CDC data shows that Latinos and white Americans make up similar proportions of coronavirus cases, about 34% each. However, Latinos make up a much smaller portion of the population.Captura Group
6/17/2020Federal coronavirus aid overlooked minority-owned small businesses, report revealsWABELack of SBA guidance has resulted in PPP funds not being distributed as intendedCaptura Group
6/17/2020Chicano Federation says San Diego reopening puts Latinos at riskCBS 8The accelerated pace of reopening doesn’t properly account for the human factor of the local Latino communityCaptura Group
6/16/2020Fear of surge in coronavirus cases among African American communities as mass protests continueFirst Coast NewsWith a mortality nearly twice that of the rest of the population, cases of coronavirus are expected to rise among African Americans as a result of recent protestsCaptura Group
6/16/2020Latino homes report serious COVID-19 symptoms nearly twice as oftenUSA TodayNationwide, Hispanic households answer “yes” to symptoms of COVID-19 almost a third more than other groups, and twice as often to the more serious symptomsCaptura Group
6/15/2020Surviving the coronavirus while black: Pandemic's heavy toll on African American mental health NewswiseRacial wealth disparities, and the reduction of communalism and familialism are some of the factors impacting the mental health of African Americans during the pandemicCaptura Group
6/15/2020Impact of COVID-19 on the lifestyle, online shopping behavior and media consumption of U.S. Hispanics (pdf)CulturatiWhile the pandemic has disrupted the daily life of Hispanics and negatively impacted their employment, they remain optimistic about returning to normalcyCulturati
6/12/2020As Austin faces second wave, percent of hospitalized patients who are Latino sees 'substantial' jump NPR - AustinHospitalization rates reflect what health experts have seen in positive test results, and the known health disparities among minority groupsCaptura Group
6/12/2020Millions of African Americans and Native Americans were uninsured as pandemic hit: ‘Having COVID-19 is scary enough’ Market WatchWhether employed or not, inadequate insurance means lower access to proper healthcare during the pandemic for 18.5 million peopleCaptura Group
6/11/2020NYC cardiologist – and COVID-19 survivor – helps Hispanics fight the virusAmerican Heart AssociationWhile fighting the illness, Dr. Kottiech used telemedicine to keep his practice going, which is 98% HispanicCaptura Group
6/11/2020COVID-19’s effect on San Diego Latinos goes beyond physical health — it’s mental health, too San Diego Union TribuneThe disproportionate impact of the pandemic on Latinos will have long-term ramifications in mental health, that are just beginning to surfaceCaptura Group
6/9/2020Double jeopardy: COVID-19 and behavioral health disparities for black and Latino communities in the U.S.SAMHSAThe racial inequalities in healthcare for communities of color mean that they are more vulnerable to mental health issuesCaptura Group
6/9/2020Hispanic women, immigrants, young adults, those with less education hit hardest by COVID-19 job losses Pew Research CenterOverall, women have lost more jobs than men during the pandemic, and this has been even worse for LatinasCaptura Group
6/8/2020It's getting even harder for black and Latino tenants to pay the rent during COVID-19CNNLess access to affordable housing, and higher rates of hospitalization and unemployment contribute to racial disparities in missed raised paymentsCaptura Group
6/8/2020COVID-19 resource kit in Spanish (pdf)LULACThe Spanish language kit contains a translation of select pages of the website, including links to COVID-19 resourcesCaptura Group
6/5/2020Latino community group seeks to add voice to coronavirus conversations, return-to-work concerns Post IndependentColorado Latinos are concerned about the phased return-to-work approach given that they have little economic choiceCaptura Group
6/5/2020Black Americans face higher COVID-19 risks, are more hesitant to trust medical scientists, get vaccinatedPew Research CenterThe lack of trust extends to broader expectations, such as expecting medical scientists to act in the public interest, and an overall view of medical expertsCaptura Group
6/4/2020Latino immigrant advocates bring crucial support to families during COVID-19 pandemicNBC NewsGroups across the country provide immigrant families with basic necessities, supplies, help with rent and moreCaptura Group
6/3/2020Questions of bias in COVID-19 treatment add to the mourning for black familiesNew York TimesThe CDC has advised health care professionals not to let bias influence their treatment of patients during the pandemicCaptura Group
6/3/2020What do coronavirus racial disparities look like state by state?NPRHispanics make up the greater share of COVID-19 cases in 42 states and Washington D.C., while deaths for white Americans are lower in 37 statesCaptura Group
6/2/2020Black-owned restaurants and businesses you can support during COVID-19EntrepreneurSupporting these businesses will support African American employment and local communities as they recover from the pandemicCaptura Group
6/2/2020LULAC launches website to help the Latino community access critical COVID-19 information and resourcesLULACThe Latino community will have access to the latest resources on their mobile devices, laptops or computersCaptura Group
6/1/2020COVID-19: African-American businesses struggle to stay afloatAfrica NewsBlack-owned business went into and are coming out of the pandemic with less cash, and are thus less likely to succeed in the long runCaptura Group
6/1/2020COVID-19’s effect on minority-owned small businesses in the United StatesHispanicAd-McKinsey & Co.Minority owned businesses are more optimistic about offering support to their communities and have added support to employees during the pandemicCaptura Group
5/28/2020Blood clots fill lungs of black coronavirus victims, study findsCNNThe findings help explain why African Americans suffer more from COVID-19 in the U.S., and anticoagulants have been suggested as part of patient treatmentCaptura Group
5/28/2020Trust barriers pose challenge for coronavirus testing, tracing among black and Latino CaliforniansCal MattersExisting support institutions are key to get over the trust barrier, such as churches and community leadersCaptura Group
5/27/2020Resource list with multicultural resources for COVID-19 and moreThe African American Policy ForumThe list contains resources for African Americans and other groups, helpful during COVID-19 and for other purposesCaptura Group
5/27/2020The State of Hispanic Healthcare report includes impact of COVID-19 HispanicAd – H CodeAmong its many findings, the report exposes the need for institutions to address the healthcare needs of Hispanics, and the role COVID-19 and healthcare will play during the electionCaptura Group
5/27/2020Asian American athletes speak out against coronavirus racismThe UndefeatedThe global athlete activism organization, Athletes for Impact and social change organizations have joined forces in a digital campaign to bring attention to the rise of violence against Asians AmericansCaptura Group
5/26/2020Advice for Latino entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 crisisThe Latin WayPivoting to a new strategy and joining larger organizations are two of the things that business can do to make it through the pandemicCaptura Group
5/26/2020Understanding why Latinos are so hard hit by COVID-19CNNThe pandemic is bringing to light problems that have existed for a long time, related to access to health, education and good jobsCaptura Group
5/25/2020 We are not COVID-19: Asian Americans speak out on racismNikkei Asian ReviewAn analysis of discrimination shows the different ways in which hostility is being expressed toward Asian Americans throughout the countryCaptura Group
5/25/2020Chicago Latinos see higher rates of COVID-19 infectionsABC NewsLatinos all over the country report higher rates of COVID-19, but are less likely to die from the virus due to having a lower median ageCaptura Group
5/25/2020How will COVID-19 affect the Hispanic vote come November?The HillCandidates will need to address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the Hispanic community, during their campaignsCaptura Group
5/21/2020How to increase market share during uncertain times of COVID-19HispanicAd - NielsenMarketers should avoid the temptation of slashing advertising budgets, and should instead leverage changing habits in media consumption, along with changes in strategy and messagingCaptura Group
5/21/2020Some creators of color fear coronavirus will be major setback in TV’s diversity pushLA TimesThe disproportionate effect of the pandemic on black and Latinos also extends to the entertainment sector, where the momentum from recent years is at risk todayCaptura Group
5/20/2020Hispanic Star Month of Action will support those affected by COVID-19Hispanic StarIn partnership with brands such as P&G, IBM, PepsiCo, and Shaklee, hubs in major cities throughout the country are providing support through donations of goods, internet access, fundraising, support to small businesses, food deliveries, and moreCaptura Group
5/20/2020How to be an ally for Asian Americans facing racism amid COVID-19MPR NewsExperts say that understanding, acknowledging, and speaking out against acts of racism and xenophobia are important at a time when anti-Asian sentiment is on the rise due to the pandemicCaptura Group
5/19/2020The 2020 Pandemic: U.S. Hispanic Impact (video)HipanicAd - LERMA/CEO Pete Lerma and Brand Planning Principal, Quim Gil, talk about the impact of the pandemic on Hispanics and how brands can connect with this market for the long term and in a meaningful wayCaptura Group
5/19/2020Seven companies offering Coronavirus relief for diverse business ownersBlack EnterpriseThrough help from companies ranging from Verizon to fashion brand Pyler Moss and Facebook, diverse communities and minority entrepreneurs will have access to grants and funding to make it through the pandemicCaptura Group
5/18/2020NBCUniversal Foundation’s “PROJECT INNOVATION” will help communities tackle COVID-19 problemsHispanicAdThe Project Innovation grants will go to 69 organizations in 11 markets, and will help them tackle everyday issues, including urgent COVID-19 problemsCaptura Group
5/18/2020What does the future hold for the Hispanic retail after COVID-19?AbastoWhile Hispanic grocers are meeting online demand, reinforcing online channels and building tight consumer relationships will be key if the pandemic leads to a “retail apocalypse”Captura Group
5/15/2020Univision explains importance of targeting Latinx audiences during the pandemicAdWeekUnivision’s presentation emphasized the importance of the Latinx segment during the pandemic, and why advertisers should target the group as part of their upfront buyCaptura Group
5/15/2020Orlando company launches free business resource guide in Spanish for Hispanic entrepreneurs who want to forge ahead during COVID-19ClickOrlando.comBe Global Marketing is attempting to fill the language gap while helping business owners who want to start or return to operationsCaptura Group
5/15/2020Gonzalo Del Fa, Lisa Torres & Karina Dobarro talk about #ShelteringInPlace during COVID-19HispanicAdThe video conversation discusses topics such as centers of excellence, total market, in-culture marketing, and othersCaptura Group
5/14/2020Latinos make up 71% of COVID-19 cases despite being only 33% of population in this countyThe AmericanoIn York City, PA, Latinos represent 33% of the population and 71% of the confirmed COVID-19 casesCaptura Group
5/14/2020Hispanics and public health: An urgent call to action for healthcare communicatorsPR WeekCommunications teams need to be aware of, not just language needs, but cultural nuances when communicating to HispanicsCaptura Group
5/14/2020Walker & Company brands gives back to Atlanta’s beauty & grooming professionals and Chicago high-school students amid COVID-19Black EnterpriseThe Strength in Beauty fund will provide grants to cosmetologists, barbers, manicurists, skincare specialists and makeup artists negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemicCaptura Group
5/12/2020Family and community resources for HispanicsNational Alliance for Hispanic HealthA list of resources in English and Spanish for families and communities to obtain information about COVID-19 and stay safe and healthyCaptura Group
5/12/2020Old Spice takes serious turn highlighting impact of COVID-19 on black communitiesAdAgeJoining other brands such as Toyota, Unilever, Facebook, BET and others, the spot is part of an effort that raised $16 million in commitments to provide relief to African Americans during the pandemic Captura Group
5/12/2020In Northern Virginia, a grassroots push to help Latinos combat CoronavirusNPRNeighborhood Health medical clinics are stepping up testing efforts at Hispanic communities that have been hit hardest by COVID-19Captura Group
5/11/2020BET COVID relief fund raises over $16MM in commitments to support African American communities impacted by COVID-19BETDoubling its initial goal, “Saving Ourselves: A BET COVID-19 Relief Effort″ will support 50+ organizations across the country that provide emergency resources to African AmericansCaptura Group
5/11/2020‘Chinese virus’ and other COVID-19 racism have designers, stylists of Asian heritage pushing backLA TimesWest Coast and East Coast designers are using their social media platforms to ease escalating racial tension against Asian Americans Captura Group
5/11/2020UnidosUS CARES: Explaining COVID-19 relief for Latino familiesUnidosUSThis video series discusses what the CARES Act means for the Latino community in terms of health, education, jobs, housing, and immigrationCaptura Group
5/8/2020Diddy creates initiative to help minority-owned small businesses impacted by COVID-19Black EnterpriseThe platform, known as Our Fair Share, will help provide access to funds and will connect with minority-owned banks to help initiate PPP loans for applicantsCaptura Group
5/8/2020Blacks, Hispanics hit harder by the coronavirus, early U.S. data showAARPReports from various organizations show a public health trend that has been clear for years, that African Americans, Latinos and other minorities have less healthy lives and die youngerCaptura Group
5/8/2020For Latinos and COVID-19, doctors are seeing an ‘alarming’ disparityNew York TimesOregon is one of the states where the virus is affecting Latinos disproportionately, both in immigrant and multigenerational familiesCaptura Group
5/7/2020’Asian Americans’ producers hope for enlightening experience during COVID-19 crisisPBSThe upcoming documentary, ‘Asian Americans’, will be a way for audiences to remember the struggles and contributions of Asian Americans, and will provide historical context to the current experience of this community during the pandemicCaptura Group
5/7/2020African American COVID-19 survivor thinks she lived to give others hopeUC HealthAfter beating the odds given by her doctors, Ravi Turman and her congregation focus on spreading hope and joy, and helping the homeless Captura Group
5/7/202019 ways to ensure health equity for Latinos during (and after) COVID-19Salud América!Some of the proposed measures include increased government benefits, strengthened paid leave policies, improved health care, a focus on education, and moreCaptura Group
5/7/2020Minorities have higher chances for 'bad outcomes' as country reopens from COVID-19 lockdownABC NewsStates that reopen without the proper public health measures in place may see their vulnerable populations – which include minorities – impacted again by the pandemicCaptura Group
5/6/2020Cinco De Mayo festival raises more than $700,000 for farmworkers’ pandemic relief fundEl LatinoThe Altísimo Live festival and supporting partners and organizations, will continue their fundraising drive throughout May in support of farmworkersCaptura Group
5/6/2020COVID-19 and health resources from CDC in multiple languagesCDCAvailable in Spanish, Chinese, Korean and other languages, these free printable resources provide information raging from face coverings to dialysis safetyCaptura Group
5/6/2020Program to support Hispanic small business owners expands amid COVID-19HR DiveUSHCC and Wells Fargo are expanding a program in which entrepreneurs will participate in courses covering financial planning, marketing, use of social media, and other topics. The courses will run for eight months.Captura Group
5/6/2020Life after COVID-19: Consumer sentiments essential to business revivalAdmerasiaThe vision of the new normal calls for changes in attitude and spending, such as gratitude and crisis vigilance, and more financial preparation for a future crisisCaptura Group
5/6/2020The people in power don't look like the people hit hardest by COVID-19CNNMeat-processing workers in Iowa, many who are black and Latino, face great risks as they prepare to return to workCaptura Group
5/5/2020Local Mexican restaurants celebrate a different Cinco de Mayo because of COVID-19WRDE Coast TVWhile local business has been steady due to the holiday falling on Taco Tuesday, overall the pandemic has slowed things down for restaurants in the Laurel, Del. Area. The support of the community, however, has offered a glimmer of hope.Captura Group
5/5/2020Asian Americans already face a mental health crisis. Coronavirus racism could make it worse.Philadelphia InquirerIn addition to concerns about the pandemic, Asian Americans in Philadelphia also worry about increasing incidents of racism that impact their mental healthCaptura Group
5/5/2020Multicultural consumers face distinct challenges during the COVID-19 crisisHispanicAdA recent Alma study reveals that: working from home is a luxury for minorities; racism is on the upswing; there is a significant information gap due to language barriers; and other key findingsCaptura Group
5/4/2020Distrust of medicine among black community a problem during pandemicBuzzFeed NewsHistorical disparities in medical care have created mistrust, that is now affecting how black Americans seek and receive care for COVID-19Captura Group
5/4/2020Campaign aims to #WashTheHate of coronavirus racismDW#WashTheHate is intended to raise awareness of the growing racism that manifests itself as verbal and physical attacks against Asian AmericansCaptura Group
5/4/2020Latino Americans most likely to report reduced hours and lost income due to COVID-19HispanicAdMore than any other group, 66% of Latinos have reported negative impact on their work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic; 51% of white Americans report the sameCaptura Group
5/4/2020Lack of Spanish translations and resources lacking in COVID-19 responseABC NewsEven in predominantly Hispanic areas, the lack of resources in Spanish is affecting the ability to provide help to those affectedCaptura Group
5/3/2020How Latino small business owners are keeping their businesses running during coronavirusCNBCInspiring story about how three Latino entrepreneurs have adapted and found ways to keep their businesses running during an economic crisis.Captura Group
5/1/2020Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) provides rapid response COVID-19 resourcesSEARACThe comprehensive list provides community, state, and federal resources covering hate crimes, COVID-19 and other issues Captura Group
5/1/2020Univision unveils Unidos por los Nuestros COVID-19HispanicAdThe campaign will help Hispanics access critical health and economic-related resources, as well as bridge the language gap that Captura Group
5/1/2020Toyota partners with Latino-focused nonprofits for COVID-19 responseHispanicAdThe car manufacturer reallocated more than $1M to support emergency assistance, information dissemination, small business support and academic assistance to the Hispanic communityCaptura Group
5/1/2020Unemployment claims from Asian Americans have spiked 6,900% in New YorkCNNSeveral factors may explain the disproportionate rate, from xenophobia to the impact on food and service industries, to Asian Americans starting social distancing earlier than other populationsCaptura Group
4/30/2020Most important skill set for agencies during COVID-19 pandemic: cultural IQHispanicAdCultural marketing expertise is giving agencies a strategic edge when it comes to connecting in-culture and in-language with their diverse communitiesCaptura Group
4/30/2020Philadelphia doctor takes to streets to help black communities get tested for COVID-19ABC NewsDr. Ala Stanford and her team have tested more than 1500 people for free, helping the most vulnerable in her communityCaptura Group
4/30/2020Celebrities unite to show support for underserved communities battling coronavirusCNNLin-Manuel Miranda, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and others joined together in “The Color of Covid” to highlight the challenges faced by black and brown communities, and share names of organizations that can helpCaptura Group
4/29/2020‘Phenomenally Asian’ Campaign Responds To Rising Discrimination During Coronavirus PandemicMSNSupported by Asian-American celebrities, the Bay Area campaign’s proceeds will go toward empowering Asian American women and girlsCaptura Group
4/29/2020Lyft gives front-line workers free rides via black, Latino, Asian organizations during COVID-19HR DiveLyft will give free ride credit to essential workers who are members of national organizations that promote economic opportunity to communities of color.Captura Group
4/29/2020Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin expands its weekly information to Hispanic industry membersWisconsin Ag ConnectionThe group will provide a free Spanish version of its online programs, with timely information during COVID-19 featuring business, industry, and animal care and nutrition informationCaptura Group
4/29/2020Toyota aims COVID-19 message toward African Americans and HispanicsMediaPostToyota’s PSA, #UsAgainstCOVID, targets African American and Hispanic communities with a message on how to avoid contracting COVID-19, and directs viewers to CDC’s website for prevention information and resources Captura Group
4/29/2020Resources for nonprofits during COVID-19 emergencyHispanic FederationThe list of resources is designed to help CBOs serve their communities during the pandemicCaptura Group
4/28/2020Multiculturals and the novel coronavirus: what marketers should consider going forwardC&R ResearchChronic disease management has slipped during COVID as doctors offices close and hospitals increase risk of illnessCaptura Group
4/28/2020Asian American grant makers call on philanthropy to end violence and bias on the rise as coronavirus spreadsThe Chronicle of PhilanthropyIndividuals and foundations have stepped up with training and support to address specifically the needs if Asian American during COVID-19Captura Group
4/28/2020How Brands are Engaging U.S. Hispanics during the Covid-19 PandemicCaptura Group via LinkedInBrands that proactively engage with the Hispanic community will emerge with stronger and better relationships, than those that do notCaptura Group
4/28/2020NAACP offers list of coronavirus resources NAACPThe list offers employment and health resources, response and advocacy, as well as links for small businesses and studentsCaptura Group
4/27/2020Coronavirus pandemic reveals brands with effective Hispanic marketingCamelo CommunicationBrands with existing and integrated Hispanic strategies are demonstrating leadership in a time of crisis. For other brands, it’s not too late, and being “too busy” should not be an excuse.Captura Group
4/27/2020How to Save Black and Hispanic Lives in a PandemicNew York TimesProviding faster access to care and increasing trust in government are some of the steps needed to save the lives of minoritiesCaptura Group
4/27/2020Chicago Mayor announces plan to help minorities during COVID-19WBBMThe city’s plan will focus on four pillars: education, prevention, testing and treatment, and Support servicesCaptura Group
4/24/2020How the coronavirus is surfacing America’s deep-seated anti-Asian biasesVoxWith more than 1,110 physical attacks documented since late March, what Asian American are experiencing today is deeply rooted in the 1800sCaptura Group
4/24/2020Latino teens: distance learning is a giant stressor amid coronavirusSalud América!Unequal internet access and economic family impact worry Latino teens about their ability to stay connected with their school workCaptura Group
4/24/2020Telemundo Chairman, César Conde, talks about aid to small businessesNoticias TelemundoAs owners of 1 in 4 small businesses, the Paycheck Protection Program will be vital to LatinosCaptura Group
4/23/2020Self-care tips for Asian Americans dealing with racism amid coronavirusHuffPostReaching out to friends, disconnecting from the headlines, putting safety first – these are some of the things therapists recommend for dealing with the mental and physical harassmentCaptura Group
4/23/2020HTN launches content and services to help Hispanics during COVID-19Yahoo! FinanceIts Vida y Salud brand will help raise awareness to help keep families safe and informed during the pandemicCaptura Group
4/23/2020Sending money home now a struggle for some Hispanic immigrants as jobs vanishTampa Bay TimesThe economic impact of COVID-19 is hurting Hispanics in the U.S. and their families back homeCaptura Group
4/23/2020Job losses higher among people of color during coronavirus pandemicNPROne reason for the racial and ethnic gap is the industries that have been hit the hardest: hospitality, transportation, services and utilitiesCaptura Group
4/22/2020Clark County leaders work hard to support minorities hit hard by coronavirus pandemicKLAS Las VegasSouthern Nevada Health District agencies and leaders are stepping up efforts to fund community health centersCaptura Group
4/22/2020SBS launches Sunday program for businesses dealing with COVID-19Inside Radio“La Voz del Negocio Hispano” will provide guidance to small and medium sized businesses as they deal with the coronavirus pandemicCaptura Group
4/22/2020Univision launches COVID-19 text messaging information serviceUnivision via LinkedInAnyone can sign up for the service by texting “Coronavirus” to 26262Captura Group
4/22/2020The power and pain of being Asian American during the coronavirus crisisKCRWRobert Scheer talks to Janet Yang about race-based harassment and the need to come together as a community during COVID-19Captura Group
4/21/2020Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp launches COVID-19 relief fundNewsOneThe fund will help fight food insecurity, provide shelter and distribute PPE to mitigate the spread of the coronavirusCaptura Group
4/21/2020Activists help African American communities hit hardest by coronavirusCBS NewsIn Chicago, African Americans account for more than 60% of the COVID-19 deaths, but only 30% of the population.Captura Group
4/21/2020Outreach efforts underway in Hall County as COVID-19 hits Latino populationGainesville TimesLocal government, faith and community organizations get the word out to Latinos on how to stay safe during pandemic Captura Group
4/21/2020Lyft partners with national organizations to support communities of color during COVID-19LyftReflecting inclusion as a core principle, Lyft will work leading national organizations to promote equity and economic opportunity for communities of colorCaptura Group
4/21/2020Marketers need to uplift Asian American consumersAdweekAsian representation needs to be a multi-pronged approach, in-depth, and authenticCaptura Group
4/21/2020'The virus doesn't discriminate but governments do': Latinos disproportionately hit by coronavirusThe GuardianCOVID-19 kills Latinos at 3x the rate as whites in some areasCaptura Group
4/20/2020Cárdenas Markets foundation establishes $250,000 coronavirus relief fundAbastoThe foundation will help nonprofits serving vulnerable residents affected by the pandemicCaptura Group
4/20/2020PSA shows the impact of COVID-19 on black AmericansAdweekPowerful spot aims to get COVID-19 resources to African American communityCaptura Group
4/20/2020California is giving its own stimulus checks to undocumented immigrantsCNNThe state is stepping in where federal funds are not available for vulnerable residentsCaptura Group
4/20/2020Sesame Street’s COVID-19 message goes multilingualAdweekMessages for healthy habits during coronavirus created in 19 languages for childrenCaptura Group
4/17/2020COVID-19 and racial disparities for African Americans and HispanicsDavid Morse podcastPeople of color are being affected in higher numbers than the general population due to various social risk factorsCaptura Group
4/17/2020SheaMoisture announces $1M to support minority-owned businesses and women entrepreneursUSA TodaySheaMoisture will provide a relief fund to help women entrepreneurs and minority businesses affected by the coronavirusCaptura Group
4/17/2020What does America look like under COVID-19?IpsosCoronavirus impact and response by race, income and age in the U.S.Captura Group
4/17/2020USHCC technical assistance guide for Hispanic small businesses (pdf)USHCCHispanic Chamber of Commerce provides resources and a technical assistance guide for minority-owned business to navigate the economic impact of COVID-19Captura Group
4/17/2020COVID-19 pandemic worsens food insecurity for HispanicsSalud América!Hispanic families relying on nutritional aid cannot buy online and struggle to get food through traditional meansCaptura Group
4/17/2020Cultural relevance in marketing now more important than everMedia PostThe coronavirus pandemic highlights the need to be aware of cultural factors and language as marketers pivot their messagingCaptura Group
4/16/2020LULAC Launches #AyudaEnEspañol Initiative To Provide Critical, COVID-19-Related Resources In SpanishLULACProactive campaign to get much needed Spanish language information on COVID-19 to US HispanicsCaptura Group
4/16/2020The economic fallout of the coronavirus for people of colorCenter for American ProgressPeople of color are overrepresented in low wage jobs and most vulnerable to layoffsCaptura Group
4/16/2020How are Hispanics more exposed to COVID19? Salud América!How Hispanics are left out of testing, treatment and social distancing due to socio-economic conditions.Captura Group
4/15/2020How to help Asian American communities during the COVID-19 pandemicNBC NewsResources pop up at various cities to support struggling Asian AmericansCaptura Group
4/15/2020Hispanics focusing on online advertising during the coronavirus crisisYahoo! FinanceAs early adopters, Hispanics are actively paying more attention to online advertising, according to H CodeCaptura Group
4/15/2020COVID-19: Investing in black lives and livelihoodsMcKinsey & CompanyThere is an immediate opportunity to protect black Americans and their communities from the worst effects of the COVID-19 crisisCaptura Group
4/15/2020The Spanish 'Star-Spangled Banner' Is Being Used to Honor Hispanic Workers Fighting COVID-19TIMEVideo aims to pay tribute to the roughly 60 million Hispanic people in America and their work on the front lines of the crisisCaptura Group
4/13/2020Coronavirus Case Growth Highest in Hispanic CommunitiesEnigma ForensicsCOVID-19 statistics among Latinos in Illinois, in terms of confirmed casesEnigma Forensics
4/11/2020Covid-19 has inflamed racism against Asian-Americans. Here's how to fight backCNNLisa Ling and Andrew Yang discuss how Asian Americans are now experiencing increased hate crimesCaptura Group
4/11/2020How to Save Black and Hispanic Lives in a PandemicNY TimesOpinion piece that covers policy ideas for helping minorities adversely impacted Covid-19Captura Group
4/10/2020Multicultural Consumers Face Distinct Challenges During The COVID-19 CrisisForbesWhy multicultural Americans are more challenged by the Pandemic and how marketers can can react by Isaac MizrahiCaptura Group
4/10/2020COVID-19 Hispanic PR ResourceBODENList of stakeholders, tips and considerations for managing PR among Latinos and COVID-19.Captura Group
4/10/2020Poultry Worker’s Death Highlights Spread of Coronavirus in Meat PlantsNY TimesUS food workers on the front lines to feed America are at risk.Captuara Group
4/10/2020Magic Johnson says beating coronavirus should include tackling racial disparitiesCNNAfrican Americans are being hit hard by Coronavirus, opportunity to improve the inequalities that minorities have faced in the U.S.Captura Group
4/9/2020Univision Teams with Listos California on Pandemic PSA CampaignBroadcasting & CableCalifornia partners with Univision on Spanish language PSA's urging Latinos to stay home.Captura Group
4/8/2020Mayors Move to Address Racial Disparity in Covid-19 DeathsWSJBig city mayors are adopting measures to address racial disparities emerging in data this week on new coronavirus cases.Captura Group
4/8/2020The 2020 Pandemic: U.S. Hispanic ImpactLERMA/An overview of the effects that COVID-19 is specifically having among Hispanics and other ethnic minority groupsLERMA/
4/7/2020VOD From 2 Dozen Latino, A-A Networks, Free, For NowMedia Post60% of Hispanics are now spending three to five more hours than usual watching streaming videoCaptura Group
4/7/20202020 Hispanic Market GuideCulture Marketing CouncilSalient data underpinning importance of Hispanic consumer.Captura Group
4/7/2020Small U.S. businesses were already struggling. Then coronavirus hitReutersBlack and Hispanic entrepreneurs, lack traditional banking relationships, which could make it more difficult for them to receive financial assistance.Captura Group
4/7/2020Tasked with schoolwork help, many US parents lack EnglishAPChallenges for Hispanic parents with limited English proficiency as they try and home school kids.Captura Group
4/7/2020Advertising in the Time of CoronavirusHispanic AdGreat POV on why it is important, now more than ever, for brands to engage with multicultural audiences.Captura Group
4/3/2020Multicultural consumers are streaming content more than even as social distancing continuesNielsenStreaming consumption among Hispanics is growing as is content by and about Hispanics.Captura Group
4/3/2020In Brandon, Latino grocers hope sales recover soon from coronavirus downturnTampa Bay TimesImpact on Latino restaurants and how they are coping.Captura Group
4/3/2020Latinos: COVID-19 Disrupts Finances, Daily Life, Mental HealthSalud América!Data on how COVID-19 is affecting Latinos, highlighting the impact on mental health, the need for reliable information in Spanish.Captura Group
4/3/2020U.S. Latinos among hardest hit by pay cuts, job losses due to coronavirusPEW ResearchHispanics are more likely than Americans overall to say they or someone in their household has experienced a pay cut or lost their job.Captura Group
4/2/2020Farmworkers 'harvesting America's food supply' amid coronavirus pandemic fight for safetyNBC NewsFarmworkers, many of who are Latino are deemed "essential" but lack protection.Captura Group
4/1/2020Women, Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans are Least Likely to Have Positive Perception of Federal ResponseHorowitz ResearchWomen, Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans are Least Likely to Have Positive Perception of Federal Response. Captura Group
3/31/2020COVID-19 a Hispanic PerspectiveLopez NegreteInsights and recommendations for brands on how to navigate COVID-19 with Hispanics.Lopez Negrete
3/31/2020Americans turn to technology during COVID-19 outbreak, say an outage would be a problemPEW ResearchHispanic adults (49%) are more likely than white adults (34%) to report using social media to share coronavirus-related content.Captura Group
3/31/2020An initiative to boost local Latino restaurants during COVID-19 pandemicAL DÍA The Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is partnering with various local organizations to launch “Dine Latino,” promoting Latino restaurants.Captura Group
3/30/2020Coronavirus is newest threat to Latinos' census response, as groups pivot on outreachNBC NewsRisk of significant undercounting of Latino population due to Coronavirus.Captura Group
3/30/2020Most Americans Say Coronavirus Outbreak Has Impacted Their LivesPEW ResearchHispanic adults (26%) are more likely than white (19%) and black (20%) adults to have used a food delivery service.Captura Group
3/27/2020The quinceañera is another casualty of coronavirusLA TimesImpact on Latino cultural traditions.Captura Group
3/24/2020Hispanics more likely than Americans overall to see coronavirus as a major threat to health and financesPEW ResearchAbout 65% of Hispanic adults say the coronavirus outbreak is a major threat to the health of the U.S. population vs 47% of the general public.Captura Group
3/24/2020Latinos projected to bear economic brunt of coronavirusThe HillCoronavirus could hit Latinos harder because they are more likely employed in jobs where they cannot work remotely.Captura Group
3/18/2020Getting coronavirus updates in Spanish is mixed bag in U.S.PBSThe lack of bilingual material on COVID-19 creates uneven access to information and servicesCaptura Group
3/11/2020Coronavirus scare hinders Hispanic traditionsKRGV, Rio Valley TexasImpact on Latino cultural traditions.Captura Group
3/1/2020COVID-19 Repot BriefThink Now ResearchHispanic most concerned about impact of Coronavirus.Captura Group

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