The New Hispanic Media Landscape


Start your year with a stronger understanding of the largest minority group in the United States.

The Hispanic audience is diverse and nuanced in their language use, preferences, and media use. As the population grows, so does the importance of advertisers understanding Hispanic media behavior.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Culturati, a leading research and consulting firm, contributing to their recently published POV on the new Hispanic media landscape.

Key Learnings

  • Social and digital campaigns now take on even greater significance for U.S. Hispanic audiences, given even greater usage of these channels. However, the overall channel strategy should always be aligned with business and brand goals.
  • Due to the increase of both Spanish and English language consumption among the U.S. Hispanic audiences, the role of in-language and in-culture communication continues to play a major role in the success of any brand marketers’ campaigns. You can no longer “pick one”, your communications should be fluid across languages, flowing with the audience.

We invite you to apply this data to your own campaigns. 

Molly is the marketing manager at Captura Group. An advocate for multicultural and inclusive marketing, Molly finds opportunities for Hispanic market growth, and partners brands with Captura Group's services to drive business acceleration.

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