How to Target Hispanics on Snapchat


With over 150 million daily users, Snapchat has raced passed Twitter and along the way caught the attention – and dollars – of brands looking to interact with its highly engaged, young audience.

As a Hispanic advertising agency, we have a keen interest in Snapchat.  Logic tells us that millions of Hispanics use Snapchat and the platform has the potential to be a go-to channel for our clients.  Not only are Hispanics young and over-index in their social media and mobile usage, Hispanic celebrities have embraced the platform and are snapping to huge audiences.

There is no doubt that Hispanics are on Snapchat, but there hasn’t been a great way to target them in a measurable way. Until now.

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports that Snapchat is rolling out new targeting options of marketers, which will finally give Hispanic marketers the ability to reach the coveted Hispanic consumer on the platform. In addition to the current basic offerings (age, gender, location, device/operating system, mobile carrier and content of interest), in Q3 Snapchat will roll out three new targeting options. These highly anticipated targeting capabilities include:

  • Snap Audience Match – Anonymously match a brand’s consumer data (think email list or unique mobile device ID) with Snapchat’s pool of data to serve them ads.
  • Snapchat Lifestyle Categories Allows brands to target ads to Snapchat users based on their in-app video consumption patterns deduced from Discover channels, accounts followed, or Live Story feeds.
  • Snapchat LookalikesCombined with Snap Audience Match, this feature allows brands to target consumers who are similar to their current consumers.

Eureka! For Hispanic digital marketers these targeting options will give us the ability to target Hispanics on Snapchat in a reliable and measurable way that far exceeds their previous “Audience Bundles.”

Here’s how:

We can leverage Snap Audience Match to target the Hispanic customers of our clients.  Imagine getting a Snap from your favorite Latino artist inviting you to an exclusive local event from your favorite brand that you already follow on social channels.

Taking it a step further, by combining Snap Audience Match and Snapchat Lookalikes, brands can not only target their own Hispanic customers, but also millions of customers who behave like their Hispanic customers. This is very powerful in that it provides brands with a critical mass of targets, who are likely to be Hispanic and be receptive to their value proposition and messaging.  

In addition, Snapchat’s Lifestyle Categories gives marketers the ability to target Hispanics based on their video consumption habits.  With a plethora of culturally relevant videos on Snapchat, brands will have another way to target Hispanics with culturally relevant ads served in between their friends stories, Live Stories and Discover channels. No word on when the new targeting capabilities will be available on geofilters and sponsored lense campaigns.

We look forward to leveraging these new Snapchat targeting options to reach Hispanics and will let you know how it goes. Have you tried Snapchat for your brand? Tell us about it in the comments.

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