Hispanic Journalists Give Brands a Content Marketing Edge


Setting up an effective content marketing team means staffing up with people with interdisciplinary skill sets, talents and backgrounds. While this is true for most marketing programs, it’s especially true when creating content for Latinos. The Hispanic market, after all, can be as complex as making mole and as diverse and colorful as the flags that dot the Americas.

As more brands become publishers, Hispanic journalists are playing an increasingly important role in producing great content for them. Their transition to marketing has given agencies, media companies and brands a publishing edge at a time when content marketing is becoming, well, the marketing norm.

Many of these journalists have pounded the pavement for local publications and websites, giving them a good sense of the pulse of the community. They are skilled storytellers who can often sniff out a good story where others don’t smell, see or hear anything.

We decided to take a closer look at what Hispanic journalists are bringing to the content marketing mix (having hired several of them ourselves), and this is what we found:

They are great storytellers
Many Hispanic journalists learned how to tell a good story by listening to their abuelos and tíos tell animated tales during lazy Sunday afternoons with the familia. Storytelling is part of their culture. And just like their tíos, they know how to keep audiences engaged all the way to the end.

They are niche audience experts
Before the vast fragmentation of audiences created by the web, Hispanic journalists were already experts at writing for a niche. They know how to effectively engage Hispanics, and they understand the importance of producing content that is culturally relevant and emotionally connected. This is a valuable skill that brands can leverage when telling their story to Hispanics.

They know what people care about
Hispanic journalists have interviewed and talked to enough people to understand the types of messages that resonates with them, and how to communicate them effectively. This gives them the ability to tell your brand story in a simple and engaging way.

They truly care about the community
Hispanic journalists don’t just cover their community, they are part of the community. In fact, their family and friends are the inspiration for many of the stories they create. This means brands can always count on content that is real and authentic.

They know how to meet a deadline
Like other journalists, Hispanic journalists are used to working under pressure. Meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work has always been the norm, which is crucial for moving projects along on time and on budget.

Effective content marketing is a team effort, and we’re happy to have several former Hispanic journalists on our team.


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