The US federal government needed an online presence in Spanish to give Hispanics centralized access to official government information, services, and resources.  As the official website portal of the federal government, wanted to aggregate information from Federal, State and Local agencies and make it relevant and relatable for the Hispanic audience and across various digital channels.


For 10+ years and counting Captura Group has provided a comprehensive digital presence reflecting:

  • a constant message: official US government information in Spanish
  • an evolving environment: web, social media, SEO, mobile, videos content marketing, and more!
  • tailored to the U.S. Hispanic consumer: user-centric and user-friendly, culturally relevant and relatable, a voice of authority

Brand Evolution

Originally launched as and later evolved to and adapted over time, has grown to be a trusted brand for official government information in Spanish online.



Official Website Portal

A user-centric, culturally relevant website that provides US Hispanics a single point of access to official government information and services in Spanish, tailored for their needs. The site has evolved over time to relate to the specific needs of US Hispanics. Key evolutions include: online services, journalistic articles, blog, federal and state agency directories, responsive design for mobile, and videos.

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SEO for Increased Access

A comprehensive strategy and ongoing execution that leverages the strength and authority of the website to provide visibility to high volume search terms and content of interest to US  Hispanics, through meta data and inbound links from other government agencies and syndicated content.

Journalistic Content for Connection and Relevance

Articles and blog entries with timely, official, and relevant content presented in a user friendly way, reflecting the interests of online Hispanics through in Spanish and in English.

Content Marketing Through Influencers and Syndication

Partners and influencers:

Collaboration with other government agencies and key Hispanic influencers to amplify’s message among Hispanics and support the visibility and authority of the brand.


Distribution of journalistic content to nationwide and local Hispanic publishers (Univision, Terra, Azteca América, etc.), and PR Newswire in English and Spanish.

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