The Kellogg Company wanted to engage Hispanic women and moms online with authenticity and cultural relevance in order to drive loyalty and be a catalyst for meaningful connections between her and Kellogg brands. Recognizing that many other food and CPG companies were already approaching the Hispanic online consumer with a similar value proposition, Kellogg’s was uniquely challenged in ensuring that they executed through an innovative and well-differentiated approach with clear value for consumers, retail customers and Kellogg brands.


Captura Group concepted and created the Días Grandiosos con Kellogg’s brand and program, a multi-brand digital platform showcasing culturally relevant content and recipes from Kellogg’s family of brands. Executed through a journalistic content marketing approach, Dias Grandiosos features inspiring stories of real people of people just like her to build a deeper emotional connection between Hispanic consumers and Kellogg brands. Dias Grandiosos comes to life through an immersive digital experience including web, mobile, social and video and provides Hispanic women with valuable content across her path to purchase.

Consumer-First Content Pillars

The Días Grandiosos content is centered around four editorial content pillars that include relevant lifestyle content, recipes, and introduce associated brand messaging.

An Engaging Web Experience with a Mobile-First Approach

Dí is the central content hub, providing consumers with a variety of options for engaging with content, including favorite recipes and inspiring stories of people just like her.

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A Hispanic Digital Brand Presence
for Kellogg Brands

Thirteen Kellogg brands have a Hispanic digital presence on Días Grandiosos, enabling them to communicate their individual brand story directly to Hispanic consumers.

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Lifestyle Content that Addresses
Consumer and Business Needs

Días Grandiosos leverages the power of storytelling and connects each story to a brand’s purpose, helping build a deeper emotional connection between consumers and Kellogg products.

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Content Syndication

Thinking about content distribution from the outset, Días Grandiosos leverages Captura Group’s content syndication services through Contenido Latino and distributes its content to 3rd party publishers and influencers in order to build brand awareness and generate in-bound traffic.

Building an Engaged Community
on Facebook, One Post at a Time

Captura Group’s social activation model for Días Grandiosos starts with insight-driven ideas which leads to content that inspires consumer participation. We then mine through the earned consumer response to garner additional insights to inform our subsequent communications.

¡Di que sí! campaign

Días Grandiosos launched its Facebook presence with a campaign that inspired women to say yes to moments that they would normally say no to with the hope of being surprised and delighted by the promise of great days.

Equity Communications

As a new brand, Días Grandiosos sought to communicate to its Facebook audience who the brand is and what it believes and executed this through a series of equity statements that both inform and inspire.

Brand Support

Kellogg brands are brought to life in an authentic and relevant way for Hispanic consumers to foster engagement, drive loyalty, and be a catalyst for meaningful connections between her and Kellogg brands.

Visual Storytelling
Leveraging Pinterest

The Días Grandiosos Pinterest page enables Kellogg brands to establish deeper relationships with Hispanic consumers through branded and culturally relevant content such as crafts and recipes and provides Hispanic consumers with ideas and inspiration to live great days.

Retailer Activation
via Social Media

By providing key retail customers with culturally relevant English and Spanish content featuring Kellogg products, Días Grandiosos expanded its digital presence to consumers while providing value to key customer accounts.

Wal-Mart, Kellogg’s and World Cup: A total market approach

Días Grandiosos provided Wal-Mart with culturally relevant English content featuring Kellogg products during the World Cup, capitalizing on a key consumer passion and food-centric occasion.

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