POND’S® was looking to extend its brand affinity with both online Hispanics and general market customers alike.  POND’S® also wanted to communicate the timeless relevance of their products for today’s classic and modern Hispanic and general market woman through an integrated digital and social experience including content.


Captura Group creates and executes a comprehensive digital strategy, in English and Spanish, to enable POND’S® to engage with Hispanic and general market consumers and communicate its brand credentials.  By employing a total market approach across digital channels including web and social, POND’S® is able to effectively leverage universal insights across consumer segments, deliver a consistent message, and build brand affinity with both Hispanics and general market women.

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Bilingual Website and Mobile

In order to effectively support POND’S® total market efforts, Captura Group re-designed and launched a comparable Spanish website,, to address the needs of Hispanic and general market consumers.  Based on Captura Group’s ongoing analysis of, an opportunity with mobile surfaced. The traffic on mobile to the site was significant, and with Captura Group’s recommendation was launched.

Content Strategy

Consistent with the total market approach, Captura Group ensures that the English and Spanish content is comparable on and Content is created around content topics that appeal to both consumer segments and specific messaging is then adapted for cultural relevance.

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Blogger and influencer integration

Captura Group leverages content created by POND’S® Beauty Brigade ambassadors and extends it for the Hispanic market into Spanish, making it available on


Leveraging Facebook’s reach and specialized targeting, Captura Group launched Vivemejor’s social community by providing Latina women with relevant and engaging content tailored for their specific areas of interest. Captura Group’s social activation model starts with insight-driven ideas which leads to content that inspires consumer participation. Earned consumer responses are then mined to garner additional insights that inform subsequent communications.

Captura Group engages Latinas into conversations that reflect their cultural reality in the US through social channels such as Facebook. Based on POND’S brand objectives, Captura Group’s social communications center around 5 content pillars to effectively connect with POND’S Latina audience through heritage, cultural traditions, natural remedies, beauty trends, and product benefits.

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