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The Kotex Intimus brand recreated the struggles of Lea Campos, the first-ever female soccer referee. Lea was told that her body was “fragile,” and her period was seen as an impediment.
#captureculture #womenreferee
Megan Thee Stallion, a Forbes 30 under 30 alumna, is setting the way for a new class of female hip-hop stars. Brands that a decade ago would want nothing to do with her raunchy/raw style are now lining up with endorsement deals.
#captureculture #hiphop
Brands are increasingly leaning into the metaverse as their marketing strategy this holiday season, with brands like PacSun doing “PacVerse”, a virtual shop and try-on.
#captureculture #metaverse
The creator economy can mirror some of the same inequities as the broader global economy. Here are 3 ways for brands to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for diverse creators.
#captureculture #diversecreators
The eyes of the world are on the FIFA World Cup. ⚽ The Argentina vs Mexico match made history in Spanish-language TV with 8.9 million viewers! 👀
#captureculture #worldcup
Black Friday is one of the biggest spending days of the year, but brands need to ensure they’re driving revenue and customer loyalty far beyond that day. Here are three strategies that brands can use to reach this goal.
#captureculture #blackfriday
Did you know that Hispanic and Black Americans are more likely to be interested in the metaverse? We bet that Macy’s knows! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
#captureculture #thanksgiving

Corporate giving is becoming increasingly important to consumers, as well as the Effective Altruism (EA) strategy called “earning to give.” EA is a set of ideas that businesses can use to maximize their resources' impact.
#captureculture #EAstrategy
Learn about Isabela Montoya, the Latina founder of Paz lifestyle, a sustainable fashion and lifestyle e-commerce website. Her goal was to launch a business that focused on selling ethical and conscious brands.
#captureculture #ethicalbrands
Despite controversy, Qatar FIFA World Cup is too big to boycott. Some advertisers are willing to put aside the lack of human rights in Qatar for the potential to get hundreds of millions of eyeballs on a logo or marketing slogan.
#captureculture #worldcup
Latinos and Latina's critical work contributed significantly to NASA's launch of the Artemis I mission to the moon this week. The hope is for more Hispanics to be inspired to pursue STEM careers.
#captureculture #HispanicsinStem
Advertising for unhealthy food continues to excessively target people of color as the industry spends millions of dollars in marketing that contributes to diet-related diseases.
#captureculture #unhealthymarketing
The sheer appetite for travel among Hispanics, coupled with the cultural motivations to do so, create a clear opportunity for forward-looking companies in the travel industry to build long-term relationships with Hispanics.
#captureculture #hispanictravel
Latinx creatives should share their stories because they hold power. Sharing fosters thoughtful conversations, easier translation of our stories into strategies, and a better understanding of Latinx’s multifaceted nature.
#captureculture #Latinxstories
Welcome Mika to our team! She shares how growing up Latina has had a profound impact on her culture, values, and career. Follow along on her journey as our newest Marketing Coordinator.
#captureculture #latinasinmarketing
Happy Veteran’s Day! We honor and celebrate our amazing heroes. Check out the VA Racial and Ethnic Minority Veterans page that provides resources to help eliminate racial disparities faced by our Veterans.
#captureculture #veteransday
As diverse marketing practices continue to face barriers to inclusion due to gaps in multicultural data, App Science aims to provide insights for all market segments by using multicultural breakouts.
#captureculture #multiculturaldata
P&G will increase its investment in Black-owned media and provide more opportunities for its brand to reach Black audiences. Check these 7 habits for market growth, presented by P&G’s chief brand officer at the ANA Masters of Marketing.
Latino voters have not turned away from Biden. The problem is his message is not reaching enough of them, making it difficult to understand the impact of his policymaking on their daily lives.
#captureculture #Latinopolitics
Latinas are capable of outstanding accomplishments. Meet Daniella Pierson, a 27-year-old self-made entrepreneur, founder of a women-focused newsletter called The Newsette, and one of the wealthiest women of color in the U.S.
#captureculture #entrepreneur