Hispanic Online Market

Totaling more than 50 million individuals, Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States and have reached a critical mass online. As the fastest growing segment of the online population, the Hispanic online market has emerged as one of the most attractive and lucrative customer segments on the Internet. Online Hispanics are young, affluent, and responsive to targeted online experiences that appeal to their language needs and cultural predispositions. The US Hispanic market online represents an attractive opportunity for companies looking to grow market share and increase revenue.

At 33.5 million individuals, the US Hispanic online market continues to grow at explosive levels and remains a relatively untapped segment of both the online population as well as the aggregate Hispanic market. The Internet has become central in the lives of millions of Hispanics and has emerged as a viable medium for companies to connect with this lucrative segment of the US population in a cost-effective, quantifiable, and interactive manner.

The Hispanic online market has:

  • Achieved critical mass
  • Sustained strong growth
  • Been classified as an “upscale, mass market”

Online Hispanics are:

  • In their main household formation years
  • Affluent and have buying potential
  • Extremely engage with social media
  • Highly active mobile users
  • Accessing the Internet for education, empowerment, communication and entertainment
  • Bilingual

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